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It’s October 31st, and you know what that means! One of the most controversial days of the year is here again and oftentimes it can cause debates over whether it should be practiced or not. Is it just about trick-or-treating, costumes, and candy or is there a more sinister design behind Halloween and its history? I recommend those that aren’t sure do some homework about its origins and make that decision between you and your family. In my house, we don’t participate and instead go to church where they have games, food, bounce houses, and other kid activities that my son enjoys so I’m good.

I don’t prefer to play violent, gore-filled games because the intense depictions of death and darkness that permeate all these games are not for me. I’m reminded of Luke 11:33-36 where it talks about our eyes being a lamp and full of light, so if it’s full of darkness what else could be inside of us but darkness? I’m not saying that by playing a violent or horror game your life or body will fill with some kind of evil, but I do believe it’s not a positive influence on us. Choose wisely when you pick up the controller and be willing to abstain from games, or anything else in life, that may do you harm or make you uncomfortable. I’ve missed out on many games that I know are well done and enjoyable, but I would rather play something else than feel that I’m not obeying what the Holy Spirit has asked of me.

Whether it’s Resident EvilSilent Hill, Fatal FrameDark Souls, or newcomers like Bloodborne and the remake of Dead Space there are lots of titles that will scratch that gory itch. I’ve gone over the topic in a few articles in the past so I wanted to highlight them today, as well as a review of Little Nightmares II and an encouraging post from one of our writers, Matthew. Hopefully they give you a little more context on the subject.

If you on the fence and not sure how to navigate these types of games, check out one or all of the posts below.

My hot take on why I don’t play horror games…let me know what your thoughts are on the topic.
An older post so please excuse the not so great quality!
This is my preview (demo) on Little Nightmares II which was pretty interesting!
Matthew wrote on his experience with Castlevania: SOTN and how to get back up even when life gets you down.

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