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Podcasts, Twitch, Mixer and Youtube (among others) are reaching millions of gamers around the world. I have gone through the many corners of the internet and have found some awesome groups or individuals that are streaming their gaming, doing bible studies, or just chatting with their watchers with clean content. Compiling them is something that I hope will bring unity among these different channels, and give you a place to find some new ones!

Take a look around, get to know them, and even join their various communities. Several also have Patreons if you’re interested in supporting them.

*If I missed one that you know about, or if the link is no longer working feel free to let me know. I want this to be an updated list*

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These Twitch Channels are active and have a faith-based and positive community

YouTube joins other video streaming sites in limiting video ...

Youtube Channels and Recommended Videos

There are podcasts on just about anything! Whether your a gamer or not, Christian or not, you can find something for you

In fact, there are several from Christians discussing gaming, anime, tabletop and more.

I hope you check at least one of these out, and keep up to date what is going on in video games and other interests.


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The MISSION of Geeks Under Grace is to:
EDUCATE Christians on how to safely consume pop culture from our worldview.
EVANGELIZE geeks with the message of the Gospel by building bridges between Jesus and the geek community.
EQUIP Christians and churches to reach geeks with the Gospel.
ENCOURAGE Christians as they grow into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Geeks Under Grace

The Reformed Gamers - Religion Podcast | Podchaser

Anyone can read gaming news and give their opinion on it but it’s often never from a Biblical worldview. Anyone can discuss how fun a game is but how does it intersect with the Biblical worldview? That’s what TRG aims to do: discuss gaming news from a Biblical perspective while diving deep into specific video games to discuss the themes, worldview, and content presented within and what the Biblical worldview has to say.

Since 2015, and over 100 episodes, this is what the show has strived to achieve. Recently, TRG has also branched out to Twitch/YouTube and writes articles for the website.

The Reformed Gamers


A show about video and board games that feature open and honest conversations about games, life, and belief.

Love Thy Nerd Podcast Network





The TangleCast is the official podcast of Beneath the Tangles and Anime Pop Heart. Join our podcast team as we geek out about anime, manga, visual and light novels, gaming, conventions, and cosplay. As we share our experiences and insight, we hope to build bridges across the otaku community, and highlight the meaningful things in life—love, community, and faith.

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Saving the Game is a podcast at the intersection of faith in Christ, tabletop roleplaying games, and collaborative storytelling. We provide resources for Christian gamers, and in our own way, we aim to close the gap between non-gaming Christians and non-Christian gamers.

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To build and grow a Totally Righteous Gaming Community that encourages fellow gamers in the character of Christ.


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