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There aren’t many manga that are based on faith, the Bible, and Christianity. The few that exist are poorly drawn, not complete, or are just not very good. When I received a review copy of Shelter of Wings: The Master’s Bench from one of the authors, Lisa, I was excited to finally find a new title I could recommend, in addition to Manga MessiahI hope you’ll purchase a copy for yourself and others who love manga or love God, or both.


Angels-versus-demons is how the story opens up, with Satan’s army being beaten back by God’s angelic host. These demons want to release a seal that will let loose angels who turned on Godtoc1. While that side-story is going on, we are taken to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and introduced to Jenna and Sam, who are brother and sister. Jenna is an artist who is skilled enough to have art requests from her peers. Sam cares about his sister and is very smart, even aspiring to be a tutor at their school. As demons begin to monitor Jenna, who is starting to manifest a desire to seek after God’s kingdom through her art, she becomes a target for nefarious plans to the point that the demons plot her death.
Soon enough, she meets her guardian angel, Mosirashek, who begins to explain that her life has meaning, even though she doesn’t feel the same way. Jenna thinks her brother is the best, and she is far from qualified to do anything for God. After his short introduction, Mosirashek disappears and the story focuses on several angels by the names of Temus, Eben, Zehuran, Verik, and RamvisAs worship continues in Heaven, demons are trying to get their hands on an ancient scroll that could spell disaster for God’s angelic hosts. Jenna is caught in the middle, trying to figure herself out while she meets new friends and discovers more of her past.

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Have you ever heard of a Christian video game? If not, you haven’t missed much. If you have, and you’ve played one, then you know that they generally don’t do well. However, the people over at Kingdom Games have made their first game, and for the believer or the non-believer, it’s a fantastic gaming experience straight from the Bible.


When you first start FIVE—Guardians of David, you get a beautiful story of Israel and how it was formed, from Abraham to Moses to King Saul. After catching up from the Bible in the book of Genesis to 1 Samuel, we are introduced to Abishai and Benaiah who are young shepherds saving some sheep from wolves as well as Abishai’s sister from a lion in a cave. As you progress in the story, time passes and they grow up and join the future King David’s army. Since King Saul is still ruler of Israel, David must hide and build up his own troops and followers.

The Five Guardians

For those familiar with the Old Testament books of 1 Samuel to 2 Kings, you will know this plot very well. In fact, I was fascinated by all the little details I never saw when reading them. David becomes King slowly, and his five guardians complete missions to make sure Israel is safe and purged from all the Philistines, Jebusites, Moabites, and other clans that want to claim its land for their own. The adventure is all about war, and is a breath of fresh air in the Christian gaming genre. As you protect King David and Israel, you go on missions to help different cities, and proceed to help David establish himself as Israel’s king.


Review: Echoes of Wonder – Geeks Under Grace

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Salt of the Sound duo Ben and Anita Tatlow reached out to Geeks Under Grace for a review to be done of their new album, Echoes of Wonder. We reviewed their previous album, Meditations Volume 1 here, and now we can delve into this one. It’s refreshing to hear such melodic and atmospheric art such as this, where you can get completely lost in God’s presence. Whatever you listen to from Salt of The Sound, it just oozes peace.

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Review: Counter-Strike—Global Offensive (PC) – Geeks Under Grace

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Counter-Strike, a game that has passed the test of time in the FPS genre, is back for its latest rendition with Global Offensive. Choose which team to play as: Terrorists or Counter Terrorists. I love this game because of its simple concept yet difficulty in execution.

Content Warning

This is a first person shooter so expect violence including blood, guns, knives, explosives, and flying bodies. Now, I have to say that CS:GO is not as bad as most other FPS games, but it is present so be aware.

There’s also the fact that the opponents of the game are terrorists planting a bomb in which the counter- terrorists have to stop, so some players may not like the fact that you can play as terrorists due to the political implications.

If you are playing online and you have voice chat enabled, expect to hear some foul language from other people who are playing. Competitive video games tend to get people pretty angry and it shows in their vocabulary, so if you’re reading this and are protective of your ears or your loved ones’, beware.


Counter-Strike has had just about the same gameplay since it was first released in 1999, but the mechanics have certainly improved after each update. The game is simple: you chose either terrorists or counter-terrorists, purchasing weapons from money earned after kills (or use the ones you start with), and either plant the bomb and protect it until it explodes, or stop the Terrorists from succeeding in their mission.


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Review: Batman – Arkham Origins (PS3) – Geeks Under Grace

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DC fans unite! Batman is back in the third part of the Arkham trilogy with Origins. This game takes place before the outbreak at Arkham Asylum or the opening of Arkham City. We get to see the beginning of the Dark Knight’s journey to put a stop to crime that has riddled Gotham City for so long.


It’s Christmas Eve and Batman is in for a not-so-merry Christmas. He arrives to suppress a jailbreak led by Black Mask who ends up killing Police Commissioner Loeb before he can be stopped. The Caped Crusader soon discovers that Black Mask has hired eight assassins to kill him for a bounty of fifty million  dollars. The villainous group consists of: Bane, Firefly, Electrocutioner, Shiva, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Copperhead and Deathstroke.


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Review: Chrono Cross (PS1) – Geeks Under Grace

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images (1)As a JRPG fan since I was very young, one of my favorite games was Chrono Trigger. I always wanted a sequel to come out, and it eventually did in the form of Chrono Cross, though it didn’t feel like much of a sequel as I played it. However, after completing it and spending hours discussing it with friends, replaying it and reading over some of the dialogue and hints given throughout the game, it’s more than a sequel—it is a conclusion to all the chaos caused by Lavos.

On the other hand, many fans Chrono Cross did not accept it as a sequel because Crono is neither the main protagonist, nor is found anywhere in the game (except in one area, won’t spoil that). And yet this game stands on its own two feet in regards to story and gameplay whether one feels it succeeds CT or not.

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Review: A Geek In Japan – Geeks Under Grace

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I found this book on Amazon once while looking for any geek books I could find. After reading the reviews, checking out its table of contents, and researching it a bit more, I purchased it. A Geek in Japan turned out to be the best book on Japan and geeks I have ever read (not that I have read many). I truly enjoyed it and gained so much knowledge by reading it. You will learn about the lifestyles and habits of the Japanese along with all the geeky interests that you may have (anime, movies, video games, etc.).

The author himself lives, works, and studies in Japan. His name is Hector Garcia and he is actually from Spain. Being Hispanic myself (not from Spain, but I’m 100% fluent in Spanish) I went to his blog and checked out his posts. It’s a great site because Hector shares lots of great photos on the life of an everyday resident of Japan. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, check it out for the photos!

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Review: Tales Of Symphonia – Dawn of the New World

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Fans of Tales of Symphonia are in for a treat. It is rare to find a direct sequel to a popular game that starts off right where the first one ended. In the RPG genre, there are games that are titled as sequels, but that don’t actually follow the original characters from the previous game. In my opinion, games such as these do not qualify as true sequels; however, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World successfully breaks this rule.

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Review: Sonic CD – Geeks Under Grace

10660432_10154552777260484_1595780552_nThis post is from Geeks Under Grace where I am (as of this writing) an on staff writer. Check them out on Facebook! Feel free to browse my posts on their site. God bless, and please comment below on your thoughts of the article!

Sonic arrives at Never Lake where the Little Planet is supposed to appear on the last month of every year. But it isn’t there. We find out Dr. Robotnik has done something vile to the entire planet by chaining it to a mountain and covering it in wicked metal and robotics.

Upon seeing Sonic coming to save the day, the mad doctor sends Metal Sonic to kidnap Amy Rose (Sonic’s female hedgehog friend/potential love interest). To rescue the planet and Amy, Sonic has to gather the Time Stones (similar to the Chaos Emeralds) to reverse time itself and prevent Dr. Robotnik from taking over the Little Planet. Will Sonic make it in time, or will Robotnik overwhelm our hero and conquer time itself?

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Review: Costume Quest 2 – Geeks Under Grace

10660432_10154552777260484_1595780552_nThis post is from Geeks Under Grace where I am (as of this writing) a staff writer for. Check them out on Facebook and their other strictly gaming Facebook Cross Console Gamers. Feel free to browse my posts on their site. God bless, and please comment below on your thoughts of the article!

Wren and Reynold are two young kids who love Halloween, but the two find out on Halloween night that their dentist, Dr. Orel White, has taken over the world in the future. They make a plan to rescue Halloween, candy, and humanity before it’s too late! You must fight through various enemies and obstacles, and suit up in different Halloween costumes to stop the dentist’s plot

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