Want To Volunteer?

Gaming & God is a ministry that is focused on building community, sharing the gospel, and producing content that gamers and non-gamers will enjoy and be encouraged by. To this end, there’s no way I can do it all on my own so I created this page for those that would be interested in joining the mission. Whether it’s prayer or wanting to volunteer, below are the requirements and current open positions.

To apply, you must:

  • Be a follower of Christ and have a desire to share God’s love with gamers.
  • Have experience in the area you wish to volunteer.
  • Have Discord

Guest Writer / Columnist / Reviews / Editor

*You would chose the role that you prefer*

  1. Previous experience in writing, but it doesn’t have to be strictly gaming related.
  2. Topics must be related to videogames, gaming culture, or something similar. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a spiritual topic.
  3. Nothing that insults God, Christianity or the bible.
  4. No cuss words in the post or sexual or profane topics, though if a game contains some of that content, we can discuss it but not use any of that language or imagery in the post.
  5. I will not promote products, services, or other websites unless I myself know what/who they are, or if I can personally recommend it (for example, a game, book, clothing, etc. that I own or have used).

Article Ideas:

  • Video game or board game reviews (mobile games count)
  • Your take on Christians playing video games or interacting with the genre
  • Character analysis (breaking down a game character’s personality or actions in a game)
  • Gaming news
  • Opinion pieces on gaming culture
  • Game Convention/event review
  • Interviews with other gamers, developers, music artists, etc.
  • Resources for parents

Social Media Manager (Currently we are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)

  • Experience with the social media platform that you chose.
  • Be available to post at least 2-3 times per week.
  • You will be using Hootsuite to schedule posts.
  • Be creative with how you will post content. I can help with ideas.

Twitch Streamer

  • Have at least a mic, camera or both to use for streaming.
  • Have access to your own library of games, though we can look into providing a subscription to a gaming service if needed.
  • Stream at least 2-3 times weekly.
  • No profanity or M rated games during stream. If the game has some cussing that’s OK but not from the streamer.

Please contact me below on which position you are interested in and let’s connect! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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