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Gamers love to be part of communities! If you haven’t been on Twitch, Discord or Facebook groups (among others), then you haven’t seen how much the love for playing video games unites us.

The biggest issue is finding a positive, or faith-based places where gamers can talk to others that believe in the same values. Well, I wanted to rectify that and put together some thriving communities that are family-friendly and full of others to game with!

If you have a favorite channel that you would like me to add, just comment below and share it! Let me know how your experiences have been in the comments below with any of these. I’m either part of them or have

*For parents, if you are not sure what is Discord, please see this guide directly from their website. It’s basically a chat group with lots of features like voice chat, streaming, and channels to discuss various topics.*

Also, another great website for parents to check out is Taming Gaming. They have a large database of family friendly games, very well organized with each game’s rating, console that it’s available on, and more info.


Welcome to the Devoted Geek Life!

This is the Facebook group for Devoted Geeks and fans of Geek Devotions and/or Comm Talk by Geek Devotions! This is a safe place for geeks to discuss their geekdom, their faith, and life.

Website | Youtube | Facebook Group

People in our community have access to what we call the CareSquad. The CareSquad is a group of lay professional Christian counselors that are willing to volunteer their time to help talk anyone through a difficult situation.

Ultimately, the Discord is how our community interacts with each other on a personal level and is essential in achieving our values of community and culture. Everyone is welcome to join the community, no matter what they might believe!

Website | Twitch | Discord


Beneath the Tangles bridges the gap between anime fans and the Christian church by discussing Christianity as expressed through anime, supporting and loving Christian anime fans, and demonstrating faith through interaction with our readers.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Community Page


At LTN, we are nerds and we love nerds. We also believe in Jesus and what he asked us to do: love our neighbors. 

So whether you are a gamer, a Trekkie, a comic nerd, a Whovian, an otaku, a brony, a roleplayer, a LARPer, or any other flavor of nerd, we think you are valuable and wonderful. And you are welcome here!

Website | Facebook Group | Community Page


Geeks Under Grace is a ministry made up of Christians from many different denominations and fandoms.

Our mission is two-fold: first, to bring geeky content to Christians in a godly way, and second (most importantly) to bring Christ to geeks who may not get to know Him otherwise.

Website | Facebook Podcast Discord


God Mode Activated is a Christian gaming organization that seeks to connect gamers to Christ by meeting them where they are and planting seeds in their lives.

We aim to build a community that is authentic and engaging. God Mode Activated is more than a group of gamers. It’s a family. We care for each individual as we walk alongside one another and grow in faith and maturity together.

Website | Community Page

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To build and grow a Totally Righteous Gaming Community that encourages fellow gamers in the character of Christ.

Discord | Website | Podcast

Christ Centered Gamer looks at video games from two viewpoints.

We analyze games on a secular level which will break down a game based on its graphics, sound, stability and overall gaming experience.

Website | Discord

Other Communities that may interest you

*Click the banner to be directed to their site*

An Ohio based nonprofit committed to offering positive gaming experiences designed for playing, competing and equipping for life. They exist to share the story and message of Jesus with gamers!

The Nerd of God.cast is a forum for Christian nerds who love to talk about all things geek.

Jesus Otaku is a cosplay group, originating in Southern California, with members all over the world. United by our common love for anime, cosplay, and for God, our group seeks to encourage others to be their unique selves.

I highly recommend going here as well. Bryan over at the Christian Gamer’s Guild has made an extensive and updated list of all the different kinds of groups, individuals, ministries and so on for gamers of all kinds.