Documentary Review – Megazord: The Story of Unity & Christian Streamers

Christian streamers have been around for years, and have been a light in dark places where they have built their communities yet have been somewhat on their own. I don’t believe it was done intentionally, but it is normal that as you build a brand, stream, blog, social media, etc. your focusing on what you’re doing and not so much looking to lock arms with others even though your walking similar paths. Sharing the gospel via the mic and a camera to hundreds or thousands on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and elsewhere is not slowing down and there has always seemed to be a disconnect between some of the major players in the Christian space.

Megazord: The Story of Unity is a documentary that did its part in rectifying what they saw as a need to bring these streamers and groups together to break bread, share ideas, and seek God for how they can assist one another. Mark Lutz of Lux Studio had the idea to bring some of the notable names together and gave them a place in their church to host this event, which is explained in detail around the beginning.

Some recognizable players were SouZy, Aki & Peach, Love Thy Nerd’s Bubba, WhiteFoxSG, SouZy’s wife Amanda, and God Squad Church all sharing their hearts and how streaming has impacted their lives and others. It’s something that has not been done before, even though several of them know each other online or have interacted while streaming, nothing beats a meetup. Several scenes in the 45-minute video show these streamers hanging out, taking notes, praying, and talking about how helpful this get-together was for them.

I wasn’t familiar with everyone represented, so I liked that they give their backstory to how they got into streaming, what they do, and why they are passionate about it. You can feel the love felt with all the hugs and appreciation that they gave one another. Testimonies were shared about how some of them came to faith or were encouraged by someone else’s stream. That was important to hear because it shows that this isn’t just about video games but bringing others closer to God and His forgiveness for their sins.

As I searched for a verse that I felt could tie all of this together, Hebrews 10 has two that fit pretty well.

Hebrews 10:24-25
24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

Verse 24 says to spur one another towards good deeds, like sharing the love of God with others, praying, giving financially to those in need, or whatever else we can do to help people. What I find interesting is that verse 25 says to not give up meeting together, which has been a sentiment throughout all of Megazord: The Story of Unity. Most of the content creators commented on not being stronger together or even on the brink of quitting because they felt they were the only ones online talking about Christ via gaming.

They encouraged one another and I hope to see these kinds of events more often, whether through Lux Studios or elsewhere. As technology, gaming, streaming, and other platforms continue to expand, I hope to see more people join the ranks of those passionate about this wonderful media called video games while sharing their faith. I’m glad to be a part of this movement in a small way, and I desire to see more of this.

If you’re looking for the links to follow those shown in the documentary, open the video below on Youtube, and in the description are everyone’s Twitch URLs. Also, you can peruse my community page to find the place for you.

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