Interview: Brent Dusing, CEO of Christian Gaming Platform TruPlay

When it comes to creativity in the Christian space, we don’t always get it right. Often, believers are several steps behind what is current and trending, and unfortunately it rings true with videogames. There haven’t been too many projects made that have stood out and been successful. Here at Gaming & God, part of our mission is to highlight this niche space and also feature upcoming games that you may not have heard of.

TruPlay is a platform for those who want games that are safe, not full of immoral content like cussing, gore, violence or occult gameplay. Most parents aren’t sure which games to chose for their children to play, so it’s like a maze trying to figure out which game to chose. Brent Dusing, CEO of TruPlay and his team are creating a subscription-based app for gamers that has videogames, comics and other media that parent’s won’t have to worry about.

Their mission is as follows: At TruPlay, we’re building a beautiful, fun, world-class entertainment platform that invites children into a world of hope and God’s truth. I’m looking forward to trying out what they bring to the table for gamers and how this will fill a need in the faith-based space.

TruPlay reached out to me and gave me the opportunity to interview Brent and ask him some questions from a gamer’s perspective, which is below to watch. Keep your eye on them, and God willing this will help many kids and parents who want an alternative to many games that take their content to extremes they aren’t comfortable with.

If you would like to reach out to them or see what else they have going on, their links are below!

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