What the Golf? Is Partastic

I was first introduced to What the Golf?’ while watching DGR (popular YouTuber and streamer of all things Mario) play a few levels on YouTube. It was a great exercise in disrupting the equilibrium of expectations, as the game had a way of turning those expectations on their collective ears. It put a smile on my face beyond what the average DGR video would (and that’s no slight to him, to be transparent). On top of that, many What the Golf?’ “holes” (which can mean many things in this situation, but typically indicate varied targets that hole you out) end with a pun or reference to other games or popular culture. Despite my excitement for this game, I will do my best to not spoil anything for the uninitiated.

If you’ve read ANY of my past reviews, you know that I try to be very intentional in how I present games, so if you want a slightly zany and casual game that keeps you entertained, this game works. Reflecting back on the DGR episode, he is playing through the game at lightning speed, bounding from level to level. When I started, I played through the levels he played and I enjoyed the levels in my own way while proceeding to move at a swift pace.

In a serendipitous moment, I bounced myself back into a previously played level. Lo and behold, extra challenges popped up on my screen! Each level (thus far) contains not only the initial play-through but subsequent entries into the same environment that has an amount of depth that can verge on frustrating. It is glorious! Those who want a quick, light, fun game have that with the basic level, while those who want something a little more challenging, this game has that as well. 

I am a few hours in and there is no real story to speak of, but I am completely wrapped up in the joy this game is to play. This ties in effortlessly with a few verses that have been recurring in my life lately, especially regarding giving thanks.

“in every situation [no matter what the circumstances] be thankful and continually give thanks to God; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18 AMP

Sometimes, the things we can be thankful for are extremely easy to divine and discern. This game has so many twists, turns, and unexpected comical moments that it is easy to give thanks for my time playing it. I am humbled that God allows me to have simple things to be thankful for because it builds me up and prepares me to seek out ways to remain thankful when things get complicated. When playing What the Golf? the initial foray into every new level is a joy to experience and acclimate to. Returning to the same level for more challenging experiences, you find failure often. Giving thanks amidst struggle is a gift that believers should cultivate, even if it means giving thanks for difficulties or tragedies. Though it can feel foreign, these are the things we can’t know we will ever go through again, but we do know the Creator who entrusted us with those experiences.

Thankfulness becomes our anchor to the Father, and for Him I am thankful. I hope you choose to give this game a chance and I pray you to find it an excellent opportunity to be grateful too.

You can buy What the Golf? on the NIntendo Switch store or on Steam.

You can also watch DGR play through the game as well.

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