Preview: Little Nightmares II (Nintendo Switch)

The newest game to bring jump scares to many streamers and gamers alike is Little Nightmares II. This sequel brings more of what the original one did, which was make you jump or sweat in fear as you play. I saw that the demo was available on Nintendo Switch and having never played the first one, I thought to give it a try and see what the big deal was about it.

I saw a little bit of gameplay while watching Souzy, a pastor who streams and who seems like a great guy, who was freaking out while playing and the game seemed pretty crazy! I am not a fan of spooky or horror games, but ones like these that are more about “jump scares”, then I am willing to try it out.

The graphics and music with shadows and lighting in different areas give this game a creepy feel. Right away, I was not sure what was going on, except to go forward and hope for the best. Several traps are laid along the grassy forest as you make your way to a dark house. Once inside, it’s very quiet, there are rodent bodies hanging and strange dolls that look like people just sitting there. Eventually you come across a little boy, who after seeing him and looking at my surroundings, we both seem much smaller than regular human beings. Anyways, you take his hand and start heading deeper into this house of mysteries.

The last part of the demo has you fleeing from a dangerous enemy with a shotgun. It isn’t explained why he wants you dead, but he does, and he’s pretty good at it. Hiding behind boxes and going through small crevices is the only way to get away. The demo abruptly ends and left me wanting more, which is why I’m going to start by playing the first game, Little Nightmares, then pickup the sequel later.

Have you played this one? Let me know if you liked or didn’t like it. You can play the demo on Nintendo Switch or other consoles.

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