Easter Sunday 2021 – He Has Respawned!

Happy Easter Sunday! I wanted to write a little something on this day where millions and millions (possibly billions) of Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection (respawn) of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I don’t know if this is the exact day that He was resurrected, but it is the day chosen to rejoice and remember the sacrifice He paid on the cross for our sins, including yours.

Earlier today, I was watching a Twitch stream and he was talking about how Christ had respawned, which is when you lose in a fps (first-person shooter) game and you start over again. It is also used in other game genres, but most often seen in fps games. Christ rose from the grave after being dead for three days. He was beaten, mocked, flogged, stabbed, crucified and endured all of this for us. He drank the cup of our sin, the punishment we were supposed to receive from God for rejecting Him and His ways He received instead, and today on Sunday we remember what He did. Though we should remind ourselves of this everyday.

I’ve shared my testimony in various places on this blog, how I gave my life to Christ, and still live for Him to this day. For this reason I wanted to share again why my faith in Christ is important to me. I’m not perfect, I don’t know everything, but I want to know Him a little more everyday. I still sin at times, slip up, get angry, have thoughts I shouldn’t have, look at things I shouldn’t, but it’s not habitual. Temptation is all around me, as well as just living in this flesh I am restrained to that doesn’t want to follow God (Galatians 5:16-17). Everyday I have to surrender myself to Him, picking up my cross daily to serve His will and be a light wherever I go. This world, people, and life’s tough situations push me more to serve Him and seek Him, because on my own I will always fail.

So what is the big deal about the resurrection? I wanted to share some evidence, besides the bible, for the skeptics or those that just want to see what other proof is there besides the word of God out there. Definitely give them a look, and I hope you have a fantastic Easter sunday!

Also, check out this cool spoken word from Pastor Doostyn about Easter Sunday. Very good stuff. God bless, and let me know how your Easter Sunday or Holy Week was.


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2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday 2021 – He Has Respawned!

  1. Can you perform intecessory prayer for a lmiraculous healing for a close aquaintance of mine who is suffering from internal scar tissue caused by past surgery.I know this is nit a prayer site but I am moved by your divine healing experiences.I indentify with your walk with Christ.I can furnissh more details about the gentleman if you want me to but I welcome and appreciate your intercession for healing.

    1. Hey there Christopher thanks for the comment. Of course, you are always welcome to share prayer requests! Christ is the healer, and I will pray in His name for healing and believe with you for it. God is in control, He does the miracles, so yeah will pray them.

      And thanks for visiting the blog!

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