Reflections: Why I Write What I Write

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything personal here on my blog. I decided not to focus too much time here because of the fact that I write for much bigger websites than mine. Let’s face it, I get over 1000+ views on Geeks Under Grace while I get about 20 or 30 when I post here.

One thing I never wrote about is why I write what I write. I have never written my story about why I even decided to start this blog in the first place, and that’s something very important on my 8f6040ab764d98234ab2989c8aecc9d0heart. I’ve been writing since I was in middle school, but put it on the back burner for years. I tried writing several Christian topics that I had learned from going to church, listening to sermons and reading many books over the years but I did nothing with all that work. It just sat on my hard drive, and I honestly wasn’t sure how to get people to read articles from a guy who has no biblical credit (seminary, bible school, no Christian family history, etc).

I have been given several words of knowledge (someone prayed for me and shared what they felt God was telling them) that God wanted me to continue to write, but I had no idea how to express that. I’ve prayed several times in my life, asking God what could I do with all this knowledge of video games, anime and other geeky experiences. How can I glorify God with a PS3, watching an anime season or going to a con?tumblr_mtbcubs8Dk1qzwtdlo8_1280

The idea came to me that I could start writing about these with a biblical viewpoint, or how God intersects in this sub-culture. There were already a few other places doing this, so after reading through how they were going about it, I just let loose and wrote a ton of stuff. A lot of my earlier articles are pretty bad in my opinion, as they are short and don’t solidify my points very well. It’s just random thoughts that I had on various topics, and I had nobody to stop me!

gug-logo_268x90 I love to write because I can see people’s lives changed, or at least give them something to think about. I pray that whatever I write, they would find Jesus Christ in my words. I want every post to stir a conversation with my readers so we can grow and learn from each other. I want to see people who enjoy these geeky habits know God and knowing that it’s ok to be Christian and a geek. You can still watch that episode of The Flash or pick up your Wii remote and play Legend of Zelda, and God isn’t going to hate you for it.

From what I’ve read (not experienced) the church isn’t very friendly to geeks, they don’t understand them, or it’s the “devil”. True, there are many demonic or tempting activities out there, just like any media (TV, internet, music, etc) but we have to learn how to navigate it through God’s eyes. My purpose in writing is to change all of that in the spheres of influence that I can. Whether that’s strengthening another believers faith to bringing new people to know Christ personally, or just being a place where you can learn more about certain games, that’s my goal.4f796f27a82c88471e22e8b19a252d8a

I’m not sure how long I will be writing articles, though I see myself publishing books and other printed material soon. I’ve even been offered to help write some ministry material to offer to churches, so I am praying for opportunities like that to come through. Definitely though, I want gamers, geeks, otaku, geeks, nerds and anyone else to know that God loves them and that Jesus Christ died on a cross for their sings and rose again for us to have eternal life through Him. If it wasn’t for His grace, love and mercy I wouldn’t be where I am today nor have the opportunity to write to you today.

God bless you my reader. I hope you will enjoy my writings, but most of all, that they will lead you to examine your life and know the will of the One who formed you, cares about you, and wants you to know Him personally.

Changing My Focus For Gaming and God

Hello my wonderful readers, God bless you. I wanted to give an update on why you are seeing so many reblogs all the time instead of fresh content for this blog, Gaming and God. I’ve done some thinking and looking over why I write, what kinds of articles/interviews/reviews etc. I do and I came to a few conclusions and renewed my vision for this website.

I will be reducing the amount of original content here and focusing only on my endeavors on Geeks Under Grace and Beneath The Tangles. I am thankful to God for my start here, but now I am seeing more and more the push to be a larger part of these two groups whether through conventions, Facebook, or even funding projects they are doing. As this Christian geek movement grows, there are more opportunities to bring the gospel to large conventions like Comic Con, SuperCon (here in Miami, FL), Facebook and other social media. It’s amazing how quickly things are moving, and we are just getting started.10660432_10154552777260484_1595780552_n

At first, I saw Gaming and God as a place where I can share my heart on what I have found to be correlations and references in gaming media with Christianity, God or biblical values. When I began writing here, I discovered Geeks Under Grace and Beneath the Tangles and was first given the opportunity to write for GUG and later on did a guest post for BtT. The owner of BtT offered me a bi-weekly column on his anime blog, and I titled it Gaming With God. As I continued to write for both sites, it became apparent that I couldn’t constantly update this blog with. Here, I can write however and whenever I choose, but the other two require certain deadlines that I cannot miss or it will disrupt the flow of the blog/site.

574848_542924102397152_1914051595_nBecause of these time constraints and other business that life brings (nothing bad, but just things like marriage, church, reading, my relationship with God, work, chores, errands, groceries, a side business, etc) it gets very difficult. On top of the fact that my audience here is rather small, compared to my other places of writing where I get many more views, comments and interaction with the community.

My purpose for writing has always been to show people who God is, His love and salvation through Jesus Christ, using my interests of video games or anime as the entry point. As I grow as a writer, individual and follower of Christ I see that what I’m writing about has the potential to transform lives in a positive way, so I am doing my best to reach out to larger groups where I can connect with and communicate that message to a larger crowd.


God has been opening doors for me to share my articles on places like Theology Gaming and other smaller sites that want me to write for them. Let’s see what God does with all of this, and I encourage you to please follow me on Geeks Under Grace and Beneath The Tangles (please see the links to your right). I will be posting poetry or Reflections every now and then, and monthly will have my Treasure Chest column up so stay tuned for those.

God bless, and let me know what you think of all this in the comments. I am looking forward to your opinions!

Reflections: Arcades, Summer Vacation and a New Home

I just wanted to leave an update here on my latest Reflections piece to share some tidbits on my personal life, and some musings I’ve had lately as well. This being a blog, I do appreciate the format where everything I write doesn’t have to feel like a well researched journalistic post on video games, but where I can just write about what God has on my heart and other milestones of my personal life.

We finally moved into our first home! It’s been a blessing, and being able to own your own property is so much better than renting let me tell you. If you rent, that’s cool and I respect that but if your ever able to own, do it. There are state programs for first home owners to help you out. Aside from that, I’m on summer vacation now since I am a teacher, so I can update here more often and #clearthequeue on my backlog of games. I like to hold off on buying new games until I actually play and beat some of my older ones, that’s a life lesson to any gamer.

mario-sunshine-beach-super-mario-bros-1990295-1024-768 Continue reading

Reflections: Changes and New Beginnings

Ok, I was going to post a What I’m Playing post like I did last month, but since my PlayStation 3 decided to…DIE this month, well, going to be hard to post that one.

was playing Need for Speed Most Wanted, which was amazing. I listen to my entire EDM playlist while I play, since I prefer my own music over the game soundtrack. It’s very fun, multi-player was challenging and gave the game different modes of play. The best part is racing against the most wanted cars, but once you beat them, you need to wreck them so you can own them. Continue reading

Reflections: Radical Living

This is a new series of posts I will be doing whenever I feel inspired. They are short ideas, thoughts or reflections on life, issues, and various other topics. Regardless of the theme, I hope it will encourage you and challenge you to live a better you, trusting in God’s love for you and I. In no way do I mean these to be negative or critical, though don’t be surprised if I say something that makes you reflect.

8584_8908_5I love my generation. Regardless of age there is a common factor, and that is living radically. People don’t want to do the status quo, or the same ol’, same ol’. They enjoy rocking the boat, challenging long standing traditions and ways of thinking. This can be detrimental to society or beneficial, it depends on the reasons behind the revolution.

We can look at how millions of Hispanics around the USA, illegal or legal, are sick and tired of being denied access to America. Black Americans are constantly being racial profiled because of their skin tone, or other cultures aren’t equal because they look different or their language is not English.

From wanting to see more of God and His grace by challenging pastors to stop living a double life of sin or stealing money from their flock, they want the real.

They don’t want to be lied to, even if the truth hurts.

No more lies, no more cover ups.They want whats true, and that includes equal freedom and the truth that is in Gods word, not a watered down, “feel good” sermon. Sermons don’t save souls from an eternity in hell, Jesus Christ does!

Learn from the Source, God our Father who loves us. Live radically for Him, love radically for Christ, pursue His will for your life. Don’t be swayed by the world and its ways, get away from sin, ask Christ to forgive your sins and live for Him all the days of your life.

Radical Living.