Reflecting On Holy Week & Chrono Cross

Holy Week has come and gone, so I hope you enjoyed it whenever you are reading this! This past week Christians around the world celebrated the death and resurrection (respawn) of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is no longer dead, but alive and sitting in Heaven, advocating for us (1 John 2:1) and watching over us daily. I try to spend more time in prayer, reading the bible, and I also like to listen to an audio bible that is played on the radio every year or watch the Bible series which is also shown on TV. It’s a special time to reflect on Him and what He has done in my life and my family’s life.

Sometimes we all get so busy that we forget to think on His goodness and what He did on the cross. It’s easy to just say it, but when I watch a series like The Bible or some other media that graphically shows the crucifixion and His resurrection, I remember why I gave my life to Him and asked Him to forgive my sins. Our faith should never be something we “inherit” or just believe because our family does, it should be personal and representative of your decision.

A few weeks ago on April 7th, 2022, Chrono Cross was re-released with updated visuals and some added features. It’s not a sequel to Chrono Trigger, but I do see it as that since the plot has so many connections to the first one. Without CT, there would be no CC. Putting that debate aside, as I was playing this PS1 game from over 20 years ago it made me feel a little nostalgic. I often get that feeling when I play games I had as a child or teen since they left an imprint on me. This one, in particular, is enjoyable but also confusing as there are a lot of plot twists, character arcs, and important dialogue that is easily skipped and it’s not a short game.

Title screen

While I played this game during Holy Week every now and then, it took me back to the days when I gave my life to Christ in high school at 17. It was a fast-paced time for me; close to graduating (I was a Junior), not sure what I was going to do when I got to college or sure which one to go to. On top of that, I was in my first real relationship with a girl that I eventually broke up with (she cheated on me more than once) and I was doing my best to live a holy life as a new believer in Christ. Videogames have always been an escape for me and a way to get lost in a story that no one else knows about, except those that played the same game.

Relating my early Christian walk with this game, among others that I get those nostalgic vibes from, gives me a nice memory of an easier time in my life. Before bills, working Monday-Friday, owning a home, raising children, etc. I could just sit down and relax with a JRPG that many weren’t aware of and have that personal experience. The same with my prayer time when it’s just me and God, nobody else. Not that I wouldn’t want to pray with my wife for example, but those moments when you are in His presence and wrapped in His love and peace are special.

This Holy Week of 2022 had me remembering those prayer times, and not make excuses to not have them again. It’s just about spending more time with God, whether that’s in prayer, reading the bible or an encouraging Christian book or just sitting in silence and giving Him thanks and praise for my life.

Tell me about your Holy Week! How do you celebrate it, do you fast, go to church on Sunday, or do something else? Let me know in the comments.

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