Review: Chrono Cross | Christ Centered Gamer

Review: Chrono Cross | Christ Centered Gamer

Christ Centered Gamer is another great Chrsitian video game blog, where they publish tons of reviews. The owners are really nice and accept reviews, so since I am looking to collaborate more with other bloggers I thought this would be a great start. Reviews are an area that I want to write more on but I have been pretty slacking in doing so. Having an editor that will critique my work with feedback to improve is what I have been looking for, so CCG allowed me to republish my Chrono Cross review from Geeks Under Grace.

So go ahead and read up on what I feel is a classic JRPG from the PS1 era. it might not be the sequel us Chrono Trigger fans wanted, but I’ll take it!


Review: Chrono Cross | Christ Centered Gamer

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