Book Review – The New 42: God Terraforms All Things

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to read God’s word or pray. I like to have a quiet environment, some instrumental worship music, or at least be by myself because I know I will be needed for something constantly when my family is around. In the morning when everyone is asleep, I can get around an hour or more to read the bible (and other books) or worship. Devotionals have been a tool over the years that I have used to help me glean wisdom from a certain chapter or verse. Whether it’s on the Youversion Bible App, books or even Youtube videos it has improved my time with God and given me a guide on what to read instead of just picking a random page in the good book.

When it comes to geeky devotionals though, there aren’t that many out there but one that I do recommend is The New 42: God Terraforms All Things. It was gifted to me by the author to review a few years ago and I never got around to writing this review, so I feel a little embarrassed even writing this after so much time has passed.

Eric Anderson and Nathan Marchand, co-authors of this devotional, cover various genres of geekdom from Star Trek, anime, videogames, boardgames, comic books and more. There’s something here for everyone and I’m glad video games had their representation here and there. The book is broken up into 42 days, each highlighting a fandom and how it relates to the bible.

Here’s a few examples of titles so you can get a better understanding: Day 15: Raphael, God’s ways, and the Promised Land (TMNT), Day 17: The reluctance of Gideon and Captain N (Captain N The Game Master), Day 23: Josiah and the Martian Manhunter. There’s no table of contents which I feel would have been nice to have. Some are prayer days which focus on prayer and taking action on questions asked from previous days.

It’s a well-rounded devotional with personal stories from both authors which allows the reader to relate to their experiences. I like to write devotional styled posts like these also, so it was encouraging to read another Christian perspective on these fandoms, similar to the Faith & Fandom series.

You can pick up your copy below or say hi to the authors at their respective links.

Check out Nathan Marchand’s blog

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Purchase The New 42: God Terraforms All Things (The 42 Series)

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