New Twitch Schedule – BtT x G&G

Community. That’s the main focus I want this blog and everything else I do with Gaming & God to be about. Not views, clicks, follows, or likes but the interaction between the person reading this and me or whomever else created the content. I’ve tried a few methods but one that I have not focused on enough is streaming.

What I’ve always lacked is a schedule for when to go live and accountability, so I asked TWWK, who runs Beneath The Tangles, about starting up their Twitch channel again. I was going to concentrate on my own, but there’s no one to report to if I haven’t been doing it. A few of us on the BtT staff used to stream on a schedule, but it died out and we stopped so I thought it would be a good place to start. TWWK agreed, and that was enough to know that someone was expecting me to be live on the days/times I requested. If I didn’t show up, he would know because Twitch sends him an emailed report of how it went so just that thought made me put a weekly reminder on my iPhone to alert me 30 minutes before so I could get ready.

I like to stream at night since during the day I’m working and the morning is pretty busy at my home too, so it’s the perfect time to wind down with some gaming! I’ll be playing various games from my Steam library which I need to catch up on and the games I chose will always be family friendly. I will do my best to keep it lively and entertaining, as well as pray for any of your needs if you choose to share them. The lineup will be a mixture of several genres like RPGs, action, adventure, puzzles, and more.

Looking through my backlog, here are a few I hope to play for the first time or finally beat:

  • Gate Zero (Demo)
  •  Wandering Sword (Demo)
  •  Final Fantasy VI
  •  Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly
  •  A Space For The Unbound – Prologue
  •  Honkai Impact 3rd
  •  A Short Hike

I hope to see you there and let me know in the comments which games you would like me to play. If I don’t own them, I can purchase them or even get a review copy so we can have more community interaction. God bless!

Watch me stream live on the Beneath The Tangles Twitch channel every Tuesday & Thursday, 8 pm-9 pm EST.

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