Gate Zero PC Game by Bible X – Reserve Your Copy Today!

Have you ever imagined playing a game that takes you back in time to ancient Israel and experience Christ and the New Testament stories? Gate Zero, the first game from Bible X is coming to a PC near you and you can reserve your copy! It’s still in development stages but they have enough content to have released a trailer, demo, Youtube channel and a discord to chat with the developers and get live updates.

You can already wishlist the game on Steam, and the synopsis reads:

“Travel through time to ancient Israel in this compelling story-rich adventure. Explore a rich historical world as you engage with familiar events from the 1st century. Gather resources to help the locals, use stealth to avoid danger, and unlock riddles to unravel an age-old secret.”

Several games have attempted this feat like the recent Adventures of the Old Testament – The Bible Video Game which I will post my review on soon, but I haven’t seen a faith-based game with this much quality and creativity yet. I hope this won’t be the first game Bible X puts out and that it will inspire other game developers to create games with a Christian perspective that aren’t lackluster.

Gate Zero is coming at a time where Christian media is doing well in the marketplace, with movies and TV shows garnering a large audience and being successful. I think that sooner than later is the right time to release a quality videogame for believers and non-believers to experience the bible in a fresh way.

The trailer is below and I’ve also added them to my faith-based game recommendations. Let me know what you think in the commetns of the trailer or the company as a whole? God bless, and thanks for passing by!

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