What We’re Playing – Overwatch, Project Triangle Strategy and TwinBee


The month of April has delivered an exciting outpouring of blessings for me! My steps have been finetuned with the Holy Spirit and God has been rewarding me richly. With that being said, the amount of greater blessings flowing out tends to invite the greater amount of workload with a shift in responsibility. Meaning…I’ve hardly picked up a gaming controller or hopped on Steam in a hot minute!

This time spent blossoming with the Lord and advancing in my personal life has made me realize, I’m not as much of a gamer as I thought I was. Games are amazing escapes from reality that always ease my stress after a long day, but I’m beginning to think I can go without many of them.

Sombra in Overwatch

Regardless of how I feel on that, one thing is for sure: I will always love and play Overwatch. It’s my trusty ole’ reliable that never fails to clear the fog out of mind (unless it adds to the fog with toxic teammates). No matter how busy I get, I trust that I’ll always find time to hop into a Total Mayhem match with Sombra.


Inspired by my new column, I’ve been playing through some retro games on the Nintendo Switch and beating a few demos as well. Just last night, I tried out a Super Famicom game on the Switch called TwinBee. It’s a tough scrolling shooter (Raiden Trad, Gradius, Ikaruga, etc) but has cutesy anime graphics and images. It’s not my kind of game, but I want to try new experiences even though I’m judging the book by it’s cover. You play as what seems to be a robot flying through the skies, shooting baddies and avoiding tons of energy balls that deplete your life. It’s challenging but the powerups and rewind feature of the Switch really helped me get past the first few levels.

Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY – Try it for free! (Nintendo Switch) - YouTube

Project Triangle Strategy, the working title of a new demo on Nintendo Switch is another I tried. It reminded me of Fire Emblem meets Octopath Traveler in terms of it’s graphics and gameplay which is strategy based. I go into more detail in my preview post, but I really enjoyed playing this one. The voice-overs, art style, and difficulty made it enjoyable and I look forward to purchasing it. I am stuck on the last battle, as this game doesn’t hold back and really makes you think carefully before you make a move, as the enemies are hard to beat.

Be sure to check out our previous What We’re Playing posts as well! Let us know what you have been playing in the comments or on social media.

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