Preview: Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY (Switch)

During the recent Nintendo Direct in February, a new game called project TRIANGLE STRATEGY was revealed that reminded me of Fire Emblem and Octopath Traveler. When I watched the preview, I was excited to try it out but I assumed, like most games, I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on it for quite a while as it’s still in development. To my surprise, the demo was available to download the same day of the showcase, so I snatched my Switch, jumped onto the eShop and got it.

I did not play it right away, but when I did get around to it, I’m glad I did. I am not a heavy strategy genre player, but I did enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics and Langrisser I & II, so I wanted to see how this one would play. The gameplay, sounds, graphics and voice-overs were excellent, as it has a modern feel but looks like an older JRPG. The story of project TRIANGLE STRATEGY is a little complicated, especially since the demo does not start you at the very beginning but later on in the plot. Three kingdoms are at war with each other, fighting over the resources that each contains. There are also Houses which are powerful families with money and influence in each kingdom, deciding on how to act in the middle of the unrest.

The voices of the characters and narrator are well done and give the game a serious tone as you watch the plot scenes unfold. Eventually, you start your first battle trying to save yourself and your party by crossing a bridge held by the enemy. I thought that since this was the first battle, it would be pretty easy. Nope, on the contrary, it was challenging to the point that I almost lost! The enemies are smart and will close in on your characters and take them out if you aren’t careful.

As for the controls and options, I felt they were simple enough to understand. The game does give a lot of explanations on how to use their gameplay system, but I skimmed through most of it as there wasn’t much I hadn’t played before. After getting through the first battle, you are treated to more plot development and then a unique twist the game offers. There are moments where the main character has to make a decision that changes the story going forward. What you chose changes what happens next, so there are multiple endings and paths to be taken.

This is definitely a game I am looking forward to, and would like to play more of. Let me know what you though about it in the comments!

Try out the demo on Nintendo Switch for project TRIANGLE STRATEGY

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