The Devil Doesn’t Cry

Will Reagan & the United Pursuit Band

Verse of the day:  Isaiah 58:6

I love worship music, and today’s song is from Will Reagan called “Break Every Chain”.  Did you know that there are chains that people need to be broken from?  It can be spiritual or emotional, but either way, we all know someone who is dealing with something that they need to let go of.  It can be a relationship, an addiction, a bad habit or maybe an anger issue.  Whatever it is, God wants to break those chains off of you today. I challenge you to listen to that song, and let God speak to you and ask Him to break that stuff of you.  Be real and honest with God and let Him be the one to set you free.  He’s set me free from depression, anger, low self-esteem and much more. This week I want to talk about a franchise of games that honestly tackles Heaven and hell more than any other.  Devil May Cry is a great series with hardcore characters, fun game play and pretty good graphics for it’s time.  They weren’t “amazing” graphics, but they weren’t bad either.  Even though they restarted the series recently, the first four games are part of the same story.  Caution though, as this game is very violent, highly demonic in nature and uses hell, demons, monsters and even satan as characters.



I played the first two DMC games years ago, but as I read and watched it again to write this post, I saw how messed up the church is displayed throughout the games (especially DMC 4).  I watched the cut scenes of DMC 4 to see how the game was since I never played it nor know anything about it, and found it to be very interesting and downright insulting to how they treat priests, angels and even Christ.  The game starts with Nero (the main protagonist) going to church and fighting demons on the way.  His mission is to rescue his love interest Kyrie from the Order of the Sword.  Consider them like “God’s army” but are in reality “angels” infused with demonic power attempting to bring to life their “savior” who is in reality a demon that opens the gate’s of hell.  Yup, that’s the story pretty much in a nutshell.

There are two concepts this game focuses on, and that is how the church betrayed the people of the city in believing they were bringing back a savior to help them, not destroy them.  This is a mindset that many still have of God our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, the True Savior.  God is not out to destroy people and send them to hell, He wants nobody to perish (2 Peter 2:9).  Not only that, I believe that Nero wanted that, he was looking for a real savior that didn’t betray the people, even if he himself didn’t care about religion in any way.  Dante says the same thing, “Me and religion don’t mix well”.  Even though they are demon spawn, the game portrays them as the anti-hero, someone who isn’t afraid to kill but wants to see peace restored.


nero by genesis-rdz


Here’s the problem with the game.  The devil and demons aren’t here to help us in any way, shape or form.  Does the devil have power?  Yes, the bible is clear on that (John 10:10) but God’s power is infinite and so much more than what the devil can offer.  In DMC we see demonic power saving people and even defeating other demons, but satan doesn’t work that way.  He is very organized, and is disguised as an angel of light to make people believe that is holy just like the Order of the Sword did (2 Corinthians 11:14). This would have been a great game if it truly was about good vs. evil.  If Dante or Nero were actually angels for example, or maybe even Christians with supernatural powers from God defeating demons.  Of course, this is a game, so there’s a lot of artistic freedom given but I see DMC as a great game that could’ve been used to glorify God and His name, instead of the name of satan which is used throughout the series.

Have you ever played this series?  What did you think, and did you notice all the biblical influences (and non-biblical) used throughout?  What do you think could have been done better?  Thanks a lot, and let me know what you think of #GamersDevo and how it can be made better!  🙂

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