Preview: KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory (PS4)

When it comes to Kingdom Hearts, I’m all in! I have completed all the main titles in the series, or I have watched the cut-scenes movies that are included in the new remastered versions (Chain of memories, Dream Drop Distance). KH is a fascinating series that brings you back to your childhood with all the Disney references, but keeps the action and mystery going with it’s interesting characters. Though for many fans, the plot can be confusing and hard to piece together, Kingdom Hearts – Melody Of Memory isn’t that complex. It’s a music game that has the main characters defeating the heartless while listening to various tracks from the series.

I was surprised to see on Twitter that the trailer was just released, so I jumped on PSN and downloaded it. This is the first KH game that doesn’t have some deep connection to the other games, though there are teasers that it does tie into the main story. You play as Sora, Donald and Goofy and as you listen to a track or song of your choice from several KH games, you press L1, RI, X and other buttons to match the rhythm and beat baddies. There isn’t much else to it, based on the demo.

The graphics were nice, and it was fun to just play something that didn’t require tons of instructions, menus, options, and other details that can get a little overwhelming when starting a new game. I am looking forward to playing the full game, since the demo was pretty short. Go check it out and let me know what you thought!

You can play the demo of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory on PS4 here.

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