Preview: Blade Assault (Steam)

Developer: TeamSuneat
Publisher: Neowiz
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

Thank you to NeoWiz for the steam key to play the demo of Blade Assault.

Since PAX 2020 has wrapped up, I have still been receiving emails from game companies promoting their games. I’m not complaining, in fact, I’m glad that I’m still on their lists so I can get updated on new games coming out. One of them is Blade Assault, a retro-styled platformer that I had the pleasure of trying out. It looks like a game I would enjoy, since I am fan of the retro style and it has a cyberpunk vibe to it because of the neon lights, technology, and flashy weapons.

You play as a resistance member fighting against the corrupt military of Esperanza. The story isn’t very clear when talking with the various NPCs in the Jazz Bar, and some dialogue wasn’t grammatically correct but I tend to notice those things (I’m a teacher, it happens). I would have liked to understand better what was going on, but being it’s a short demo I will forgive it.

For a weapon, you chose between a sword, axe, or laser gun and each has their own special moves. The action is fast paced, and there are plenty of enemies to keep you busy. Like most games, it’s easy at first but it gets harder real fast, as stronger baddies chase you down and can even corner you till you are defeated.

That is one of the fun points about Blade Assault, it is not easy and doesn’t apologize for it. If you lose, you have to start from the very beginning so it forces you to play better since nobody likes to restart! I had some difficulty memorizing the various skills since I was using my Xbox 360 controller via my desktop. You have MP and it recovers as you beat more monsters, but you have to keep an eye on it and not use skills too quickly.

The levels were basically the same. You move forward to get to the end, defeat a large group of enemies then go through a portal to the next stage. At the end you are faced off against a not-so happy frog (toad?) with a gun, and he’s not happy to see you! I was able to beat him which was challenging.

When you find items, they are equipped like gear and upgrade your stats. It’s wise to grab as many as possible, and they are equipped automatically. You purchase them with the loot dropped from enemies. There’s also an upgrade to your skills or weapons when you complete a stage, which was interesting.

Blade Assault is a demo, so this isn’t the full experience and you will find mistakes as I did. There needs improvement in the dialogue and plot, while it’s gameplay can use some updates to make it easier to move around the stage or maybe items that can be used against foes.

You can pick up Blade Assault on Steam.

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