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If your wondering why I can’t spell the word coffee, then you have never heard of Ko-Fi. That’s OK, because I only recently found out about it from my friends over at Beneath The Tangles. The owner, TWWK, created one for their blog which is a way for readers to donate toward projects or costs that the website has. In my case, this blog doesn’t cost much to maintain except for WordPress and my Namecheap yearly payment (which is around $13).

I never went the route to pay monthly for the WordPress platform with access to plugins and all the other features, since I’m not big into making a website all fancy. I would rather hire someone to do it for me, but for the purpose of what I am doing it’s not necessary. There are though, other projects I would love to complete but they do cost money. I want to continue to expand this blog into new places that haven’t been exposed to the gospel and have not encountered Christ as their Savior. Many places that gamers and other geeks hang out don’t have any Christian presence, and if they do, they barely talk about God or knowing Christ personally. That’s been my experience, but if you are out there doing Kingdom work then I give God all the glory for that. There are several individuals, groups and organizations that are sharing Christ all over the USA and around the world so my goal is for this blog to be another extension of that.

I will be posting updates on projects I would like to accomplish that will be a blessing to gamers and give them an opportunity to know Christ. If people are not getting to know God and His word in a more personal way, then I am just wasting my time when I write what I write. More than once I’ve been able to evangelize, encourage and pray for people who have come across Gaming and God whether through an article, email, Facebook or Twitter. For it to grow, I need to branch out more and get involved where the gamers are, not just make my own little nest and never leave.

Some of the goals I have with my Ko-Fi page are:

  • Create a new logo and some graphic design so the blog looks more professional.
  • Create panels to present at conventions. I’ve done that a couple of times already.
  • Complete my book which is a compilation of various blog posts and exclusive content. It will be focused on reaching gamers, whether Christian or not.

I can think of other ideas, but those are the ones I truly want to start. Having too many goals isn’t always the best way to focus either. It’s better to concentrate on a few things, complete them, then move on to others instead of doing a little bit here and there but never finishing anything.

If you would like to support Gaming and God, please go to this link. They are a safe and reputable website, and I personally like people to be as transparent as possible with donations. Expect the same from me, as I will even post receipts of where all the money goes because I want to make sure there is nothing hidden. Thank you, God bless, and looking forward to what God does!


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