When God Showed Up At SuperCon 2015 – Geeks Under Grace

via When God Showed Up At SuperCon 2015 – Geeks Under Grace

What would you do if you found out there were Christians bringing the gospel to your local convention?

How would you react if there was a panel talking about anime, video games, and God?

What would you say if someone came up to you, asking if you needed prayer for anything or if you’re sick in your body and need a miracle, and God showed up right then and there?

Well, that’s exactly what happened June 27th, 2015 at SuperCon at the Miami Beach Convention Center. I was given the opportunity (after filling out a free application) to present in room C223 to my audience on the topic of Finding God in Video Games and Anime. It was a great experience where I learned lot, got to meet a few people, and just saw God show up in a place that truly needs His love.

So, how did this all happen? Well, last year I had the “God idea” to do a panel at a convention after going to a local one here in Miami, FL. I noticed that there were no panels on God or exhibits with a biblical worldview, so I wondered how panelists even got permission to do them. After going on SuperCon’s website (the largest South Florida convention) I found out that it’s not only free, but also as simple as submitting an application via e-mail. I did all that, and eventually got the OK to host a panel of my own! I was a little shocked that they allowed a panel on spirituality/Christianity without any backlash.

via When God Showed Up At SuperCon 2015 – Geeks Under Grace

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Samuru is a Christian, husband, teacher, anime fan, and a life long gamer. He was born in NYC and lives in Miami, FL. He also speaks Spanish and is of Cuban descent. When not conquering distant worlds via console or PC, he can be found reading, watching anime or Netflix, writing, exercising, or just enjoying life as a geek in the city.

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