First Impression: NieR Automata

A few weeks ago, I asked our wonderful readers what game I should play. I have lots of amazing titles that I have not even popped into my consoles yet, and I wanted to interact more with you all. The choices were between God of War, NieR: Automara, & Uncharted 4. NieR got the most votes, though I thought God of War was going to win. I wanted to play all three of them, and I hope to keep asking you all what to play next! I think it’s a fun way to choose.

The story is about 2B and 9S, who are sent to Earth from a sort of space colony of androids to gather information, complete tasks, and find out if Earth is capable of being reclaimed from deadly robots. You battle your way through desolate cities, deserts, forests, and other areas I have yet to arrive to. The music is very ethereal which is different and gives NieR more allure. The graphics are beautiful, and the voice overs are very well done. I enjoy 2B and 9S’s polar attitudes toward the situations they are in.

So far, I’m about 7 hours into Nier:Automata and so far it’s a great game! I definitely can see why it received so much acclaim when it was released. If your not used to games of Japanese origin, you might find the beginning a little strange. There’s a lot of mystery to this game, which keeps you wanting to explore more of it’s story and world. It is a very challenging game, to the point that a character who answers questions about the gameplay will ask “why is the game so hard?”, and teach you how to lower the difficulty. Personally, I find it refreshing to play a game that isn’t holding back and makes me think or be quick to defend myself.

Once I complete the game I will go into more detail, even though I am excited to write a review on this game once I finish it. If you are looking for something different, challenging, and an engaging plot, definitely pick up NieR: Automata.

Grab a copy of NieR: Automata here

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