Review: Puzzle Showdown 4K

Developer: Kingdom Games
Publisher: Kingdom Games
Platform: Microsoft Windows

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Puzzles can be fun games to play with a group of people, or by yourself. They can be relaxing and used as a mental exercise. There are thousands and thousands of images that can be put together, and sometimes they are very tricky. I myself am not a big fan of puzzles, not so much because I get frustrated but that I would rather be playing a video game.

I was given this game to review after finding out it was made by the same company who released FIVE: Guardians of DavidI’m always ready to try something new, even if I’m not sure I would like it. Puzzle Showdown 4k was a simple game that was missing some core elements to make it more entertaining. It’s a game about putting together a short puzzle with different instrumental music styles playing in the background.

You are timed as you play, and the pieces are on the left and you drag them onto the screen where they go. You can pick from some very nice, HD images like animals, city scenes, landscapes, and other photos. The developers did well picking the pictures they did, though I would have liked to see some of those older pictures that are often used for puzzles, or much trickier ones for a harder difficulty.

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There is a multi-player mode where you can play with several people, but not online. That would be something fun to do for a gettogether with friends, but not for very long as the puzzles are very easy and they tell you where to put the pieces. As mentioned before, making the game more challenging would have been appreciated, but I am sure this can be a quick and fun game for a group.

The music was a nice touch, as several of the tracks were Christian hymns. It gave the game some nice atmosphere amidst putting my puzzles together. If you enjoy puzzles, it’s a quick game to try but don’t expect a lot of content out of this one.

Have you played Puzzle Showdown 4k? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or what puzzles do you enjoy putting together in general!

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