What We’re Playing: Tales of Graces F, Final Fantasy IX, Scribblenauts, Fallout: 76, Final Fantasy XII

Backlogs are a problem among gamers. We are always buying games whether digitally or physically, pre-ordering, or funding projects in the works (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc). That’s great and helps support the industry, but what’s the point of having tons of games that we never play?

Here at Gaming & God, we hope to encourage you to not only catch up with those titles gathering dust but to also see what games we are playing and hoping to play in the coming month.

This is a new column we are testing out and hopefully will continue. Our current writers have varied tastes in gaming, and this will give you, our reader, a way to see some games you might want to try!

Let us know what your playing in the comments section, or are looking forward to getting into.


The month of April has been a little crazy. The virus situation, working from home, taking care of house duties (cleaning this or that, fixing or painting here and there) has taken time away from some of my gaming time. That doesn’t mean I didn’t play anything!


I am almost done with Tales of Graces F on the PS3. It has been an exciting adventure in another Tales Of genre, with memorable characters like Asbel, Sophie, and Cheria. The main plot isn’t very intriguing, in fact, it’s not my favorite but I am going to finish the ride.

I’ve been testing out streaming on Twitch weekly, at 5pm on Monday and Wednesday. Since I have several games on Steam that I have never played, I decided to use that platform and catch up. Two games I’ve been going through is Momodora Reverie Under The Moonlight and Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (thanks to Mechahawk from Discord who blessed me with the copy).

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight for Nintendo Switch ...

Both games are extremely different. Danganronpa is an anime-styled horror/detective game where you are trying to escape a school where the principal (a black and white small bear) states that to leave, you must kill your classmates. I didn’t expect it to be pretty intense, as it’s hard to tell when you start playing it. I took a little break from it to try out the other game, Momodora.

This one is about a girl who enters a city that is under the rule of an evil witch, who has basically cursed the population and it’s your job to stop her. It does have some dark themes as well, but personally, I don’t think they are that bad. 

In May, I hope to play through Final Fantasy VII Remake which I was able to pre-order this past week. It should arrive from Best Buy on 4/28/20, so I’m definitely looking forward to playing through it!  *Cue Fanfare theme*


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