What We’re Playing: Spiderman, Yestermorrow, The Guild 2, Disc Golf Rivals & Christmas Fever

Happy Thanksgiving! If you live in the USA, I hope you had a safe and pleasant holiday. I’m thankful to God for another year, and that my family has what we need to live and be healthy. I am very blessed by all that I have, and I pray that I remember to be grateful everyday for it all. This month has been a bit of a slow month for me personally with gaming, so I’ve tried to catch up on some older games that have been backlogged. In December, I would like to finish up a few more demos that I haven’t played (Hyrule Warriors and a few Steam demos), and get started on Trials of Mana which I purchased for the Switch!

Let us know what you have been playing this month, regardless of when your reading this 🙂


One of the games I’ve had a lot of fun with this year has been Spiderman for the PS4. I beat it quite a few months back, but I never finished the DLC. There are three of them, and I got through the one with Blackcat which I thought was great. I liked the interaction between Peter Parker and Blackcat, as she enjoys to tease him but she is very independent. The next DLC is about Hammerhead and putting a stop to the Maggia’s crimes. The next one focuses on Sable, who is the leader of an organization that uses powerful weapons to defend NYC. Spiderman goes head on with her before she makes a decision she will regret. I was able to complete the Turf Wars episode, and now working on the Silver Lining one. Hope I can knock it out soon!

The other game I am playing is Yestermorrow, which is an indie game that tells the story of a young girl trying to save her village from a great darkness. I like how it deals with time and the graphics are very colorful. It’s a nice change of pace from the huge AAA games most of us play, so give this one a look. Once I get further into it I will be writing a review.

YesterMorrow on Steam


I’ve also begun playing Spiderman for the PS4 recently, although admittedly I have not gotten very far into it. I’m enjoying what little I have seen playing through this iteration of Peter Parker, however, and hypothesizing what kind of story I’ll be experiencing in his shoes. The combat system and controls take some getting used to and practice, but once you have a good rhythm going, it can be very satisfying to knock those baddies to the ground and move on to the next activity or plot point you can find.

I’ve also been playing a lot of PC games on the computer with a medieval bent; namely games like The Guild 2, Final Fantasy XIV, The Sims Medieval, and Medieval Dynasty. I enjoy playing these world where fantasy, reality, and politics intermix into something unique and fascinating, depending on the imagination of the developers. Games like these and others are fun to return to, even if they’re not high-quality made games, and I enjoy the opportunities to be able to play them and others akin to them.


Though I love the Switch, I have begrudgingly become more of a mobile gamer as my three children have taken up a lion’s share of the console gaming. I also used to be an avid disc golfer, even owning my own business for a few years, and what I’ve been playing allows me good reason to pine for the local courses of pre-parenthood yore. Disc Golf Rivals is a free to play disc golf 1 vs 1 game that is generous with gems and makes progressing thought the ranks very kind to the wallet (free!). It takes many pages from the Gold Clash model, and it doesn’t follow disc golf rules particularly well (you can hole out, as normal, or pole out, which took some getting used to), but for a quick 3-5 minutes of your time per hole (you’re only required to play one hole at a time, not 9 or 18) it doesn’t bother me much, and I used to be a disc golf judge.

So, if you have a penchant for chucking plastic, seeing aerodynamics at work, and getting out into nature, go play disc golf! If you are relegated to mobile gaming, download Disc Golf Rivals and perhaps we’ll catch each other on the green.


Over the past month, I’ve been diving into wholesome, indie mobile games. I’m very passionate about helping smaller developers grow their platforms (since game developers are just so cool to me!). I’ve been creating YouTube videos to support mobile games under 1 million downloads get the recognition they deserve- all the while sharing the Gospel, of course. Sugar Farm: Party Hard and Christmas Fever: Cooking Games Madness are a few of the lovely gems I’ve had fun digging into!

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