What I’m Playing: January 2015

Every now and then, once I have updated what games I’m playing, I will share what I’ve been playing and any other interesting geek news that’s going on in my personal life.

Characters_Dawn_of_New_WorldFor this month, I’m still going through Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a new world. I’m on Chapter 6, and myself being a big Tales Of fan it’s not my favorite game in the series. It doesn’t feel like it’s own game, but more like an expansion from Tales of Symphonia. I will have to write a review on this game so I can explain the good and the bad in more detail.

Some indie games and demos I got from PSN are Titan Attacks!, Tales from the Borderlands and Mirror’s Edge. Titan Attacks! is fun and reminds me a lot of Galaga, while Mirror’s Edge is just a crazy cool game. The world in that game is interesting, modern and an experience like no other.

I’m about half way through Assassin’s Creed II, while I still have the two expansions to get through (Brotherhood and Revelations). Let’s not count AC IV which is sitting in my library shelf, gathering dust…so many games, so few days to play them!

On my Samsung Galaxy S5, I am giving some time to Terra Battle and Spider Man Unlimited. A friend of mine introduced me to the Spider Man game, which is very cool and I like the fact that you can get different Spider Men from various dimensions in the Marvel Universe.1404350785-terra-battle-logo

Terra Battle is addicting, so far, and can get challenging. It’s a simple game, but has great graphics, sound, depth and difficulty. It’s like an RPG with moving blocks, sort of. If you enjoy RPG’s, I highly recommend that game.

What about you? What games are you going through right now, even if it’s not January anymore? God bless ya, and thanks for reading.

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