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People are fascinated by the bible, God and all that pertains to Christianity for one reason only, the supernatural. We love to read about Moses parting the Red Sea, angels, the sick being healed and people being set free from demons. We look to God to change us in ways that we cannot, and ask Him for answers to questions we don’t understand. God is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8), so if we are going to believe the bible then we have to believe that these kinds of miracles haven’t stopped, but continue in the present age. This fact has always interested me in learning more about God and seeing real life manifestations of His power, so I dedicated this article to helping you discern some of the different ways God’s power shows up, and how to recognize when it’s not Him.

I started to attend the largest church in the city of Miami, where every week there were healings, prophecies being spoken, prayers in tongues and other miraculous occurrences. I had read about these in my bible after I was a Christian (previously I had never read the bible), but had never seen them happen! The more people I met who actually had a God encounter, the more normal it became for me to see someone healed or delivered of addictions. Even speaking in a heavenly language (tongues) became as easy as speaking English, with practice of course.

From talking to people who used to delve into witchcraft or séances with demons, to reading books or articles on those who took the plunge with taboo, religious practices, my interest continued to grow. It could have been someone who was possessed by demons, searched for inner peace in Buddhism or went to India in search of mystical powers from gurus or yogis; the result was all the same. They were convinced that what they were doing was correct, but as they started to dig deeper into their beliefs they realized that Satan had deceived them.

via The Supernatural Power Of God Or Satan? – Geeks Under Grace

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