Sony E3 Press Conference Live Recap (2014)

I had the opportunity and blessing to go with a friend to see the Sony E3 Press Conference LIVE in a movie theater!  It was a great experience, and it was held at the Sunset Place Imax Movie Theater in Miami, FL.  I’ve never sat down and watched an entire press conference of E3, only watched clips here and there.  I honestly would just wait till it’s over, and look over the new video games that are coming out.  That was it.  I didn’t think it was a big deal, but now that I’ve watched it live, I want to watch it again…

The place was PACKEDand it was actually interesting how I got it.  My friend had registered himself online, but by the time he text me and told me about it, the theater was sold out!  I didn’t see the “waiting list” option anywhere, so my friend and I decided that, God willing, I would just get in somehow.  I mean, it’s free, so how strict would they be really?  Well, apparently, they were well organized and a lot of people showed up!  The line was almost outside the door of the theater, and by the time it was our turn and I had no ticket, they told me I couldn’t get in and I had to be in the waiting list.

So my friend held me a seat inside, and I prayed for a moment outside asking God to get me in.  You have to exercise your faith in any circumstance, regardless if it’s big or small.  I wanted in, and I wasn’t sure how but I had faith I’d get in.  So, I took a little walk around the plaza to kill some time since they were sitting down the registered group, and the waiting list group was outside.  By the time I came back, they were about to sit down the waiting list group and I just went to the back of the line and thought to myself “I bet there’s extra seats…I’m sure I’ll get in”.

When they let the line in, they didn’t ask for anyone’s registration or number or anything.  We just walked in, got our lanyard and I got to sit in a great seat at the top middle.  Saw the whole thing, and was…blown. away.

Highlights for me were:

There were a lot of other amazing games like Little Big Planet 3, The Order 1886 (I’m not into horror games, nor play them, but I have to say the mechanics/graphics on that game look amazing) and so many more I can’t remember right now 🙂

If you never got to watch it, be sure to go to your friendly neighborhood YouTube and find clips or go to IGN or GameSpot to watch the highlights.



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