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Sonic arrives at Never Lake where the Little Planet is supposed to appear on the last month of every year. But it isn’t there. We find out Dr. Robotnik has done something vile to the entire planet by chaining it to a mountain and covering it in wicked metal and robotics.

Upon seeing Sonic coming to save the day, the mad doctor sends Metal Sonic to kidnap Amy Rose (Sonic’s female hedgehog friend/potential love interest). To rescue the planet and Amy, Sonic has to gather the Time Stones (similar to the Chaos Emeralds) to reverse time itself and prevent Dr. Robotnik from taking over the Little Planet. Will Sonic make it in time, or will Robotnik overwhelm our hero and conquer time itself?

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5 thoughts on “Review: Sonic CD – Geeks Under Grace

    1. Hi Professor, yeah, it truly is. I mentioned that in the review. You can get lost in those levels. I guess they were trying something new…but I personally didn’t like it too much.

      1. In a game about getting from Point A to B, how is this open design ever a good thing? I don’t see why so many love the game when the very core design of sonic is shot to hell.

      2. Well it was a good sonic game, and if you skip over those designs quickly and just run through it, you can beat the zones quick. That was my experience. I beat it pretty quick, Metal Sonic was a pain though

      3. Yeah, a lot of people I ehar talk about the game love the metal sonic race, but the design of the area plus Metal sonic just cheesing through spikes when he feels like it makes it nothing more than a bore for me.

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