Review – Parallels: Melancholy Music from Chrono Cross

What was the start of all this? When did the cogs of fate begin to turn? Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now, From deep within the flow of time… But, for a certainty, back then, We loved so many, yet hated so much, We hurt others and were hurt ourselves… Yet even then we ran like the wind, Whilst our laughter echoed, Under cerulean skies…

-Opening lines from Chrono Cross

If there is one series that has left an impact on me as a gamer, it has been Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. I won’t go into a long explanation as to why, since I already have, but one of my favorite aspects of both games is the music.

Recently, the original soundtracks were released on Spotify (thank God!) so I was able to go and listen to them again. Fun fact, I bought the original Chrono Cross OST in a music store in Chinatown, NYC. They had a section of gaming and J-Pop albums and behold, there it was. I don’t remember what happened to it, but I can tell you that I listened to it a lot.

Since that OST, I like listening to remixes that various artists release. Specifically, peaceful ones that you can leave on in the background. One such artist, TPR, came out with his melancholic version of the Chrono Cross soundtrack.

TPR often releases albums that have the majority of a game’s soundtrack remixed to soft or sad piano melodies. It’s genius, I love it, and I am a fan! Thus the reason for writing this review on one of his best compilations yet, in my opinion!

Piano-based tunes from the South of England. Best known for the Melancholy Music From… video games series.


Titled, Parallels: Melancholy Music from Chrono Crosswill take you on a relaxing journey through the sounds of this beautiful JRPG. Even if you are not familiar with this game, I encourage you to give it a try. If you are like me and enjoy having music in the background while you are working, reading, or anything else, I hope this one makes your cut.

He keeps the sound of the original tracks, even if it’s a heavy one with guitars or other loud sounds to a somber tune. I like that because there is some great music that is just too noisy for it to relax to, but in this case, you can anyways.

Below you will find the tracklist, and highlighted in bold are some of my favorites. Check out some of his other albums as well. He has remixed Final Fantasy, Octopath Traveler, Secret of Mana, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger, The Last Of Us, Legend of Zelda and others.

1.Chrono Cross -Scars of Time- (feat. PitTan) 02:51
2.Guldove (Another World) [feat. Roxane Genot] 02:26
3.Sailing (Another World) 02:46
4.The Girl Who Stole The Stars 02:06
5.Earth Dragon Isle 02:10
6.Shore of Dreams (feat. Roxane Genot) 03:17
7.Plains of Time (Home World) 02:34
8.Whirlwind 02:37
9.Bound By Fate 02:11
10.The Dead Sea -Tower of Geddon- 03:26
11.The Frozen Flame (feat. Roxane Genot) 03:06
12.The Departed Ones 02:52
13.Hydra Marshes 02:11
14.Arni (Home World) 02:08
15.Sea of Eden 02:50
16.Dragoons 03:15
17.Marbule (Another World) 03:12
18.Fleeting Thoughts 02:42
19.Fossil Valley (feat. Roxane Genot) 02:12
20.Zelbess 02:14
21.Brink of Death 02:20
22.The Bend of Time 01:48
23.Radical Dreamers -Le Tresor Interdit- (feat. Roxane Genot) 04:43

Let me know if you enjoyed this album, and what other gaming artists/music you recommend. I’m always looking for new ones to enjoy. God bless!

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Purchase the album digitally or stream it on Spotify.

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