Choose My Next Game To Play!

Deciding what game to play next is not easy nowadays. There are so many great games  being released almost every month, that it’s just hard to pick which one! Some may take you a month or more to beat, while others your just not sure if it’s going to be for you until several hours in.

This month of May, 2020, I’ve been really focusing on Final Fantasy 7 Remake which is all I’ve been playing, aside from a few Steam games while I am on Twitch.

So I thought it would be fun to ask my wonderful readers which game I should conquer next. Pick one from the poll below, and let me know in the comments why you chose it.

I hope to play one of these in June, so I can start the month with a fresh new game. Hopefully this year I can catch up to some of my backlog, and it’s been helpful since I save money on buying more videogames.

Looking forward to what you chose!

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When not conquering digital worlds in video games, he can be found reading, watching anime, listening to music writing, and just enjoying life as a geek in the city.

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