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I didn’t find the geekdom, the geekdom found me and never let me go.

When you think about art, what comes to mind? The Mona Lisa, Sistine Chapel (beautiful place by the way!), Jackson Pollock, or maybe Star Wars? There’s so much art in the world, expressed in various ways, that almost anything can be considered an art form.

I love looking at art and covering walls, tables, and my computer’s wallpaper with it. It’s fascinating to see the ways people can show off their talent. When I discovered that there was a book based on geek art, I had to get my hands on it and see what wonders these artists created.

Super Mario, Wonder Woman, Luke Skywalker, Batman and countless other staples of geek culture were highlighted in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of it I didn’t understand, while others I had to start googling and buying some for myself.

The book is pretty big, but it’s also short to look through since it’s meant to be like a gallery than a narrative. Each page has art from different artists from around the world, a short bio and contact info, as well as a quote of what they feel,  is geek art. I felt that the author respected the works and wasn’t doing it to downplay what was on display. A lot of work and effort was put into making this compilation.

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Some of my favorite artists were Matt Ferguson (pg. 126), Barrett Biggers (pg. 50), Boris Lechaftois (pg. 234), Josh Ln (pg. 244), Orioto (pg. 306), Robert Penney (pg. 328), and Justin Van Genderen (pg. 392). Sure, there were others but those were my personal highlights. I am going to be purchasing some of their art to decorate my home!

The quotes from the book were statements made by the artist, giving their thoughts on the genre or how they still enjoy being a geek. I did not think this book would be as impressive as it was. The care that was taken putting it together can be seen on every page.

“The Atari joystick is more than a retro controller, it is an American icon. The NES was more than a phase in my life, it was a movement”


At times, I still feel the stigma of how someone who enjoys video games, anime or other related content is frowned upon especially as you get older. When you’re a kid it’s cute, but once you pass your 20s then people might judge you based on your hobby.

This book shows that being a geek can blend with art easily, and with excellent results. From all across the globe, artists are creating with their favorite movies, games or TV as the base. You will be inspired by what you see in Geek Art Anthology, hope you pick it up!

Gaming & God recommends this book. 4 out of 5 stars!   A Rank

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