Review: Fire Tonight (PC)

  • Initial release date: September 3, 2020
  • Developer: Reptoid Games
  • Publisher: Way Down Deep
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Macintosh operating systems
  • Genres: Puzzle, Adventure game, Indie game
  • Rating: E

Thanks to PAX East and Reptoid Games for the review copy of Fire Tonight.

Games that try new concepts intrigue me as a gamer, so when I saw the preview of Fire Tonight weeks ago, I was excited to have received an opportunity to review it. I wasn’t aware that the game is inspired by a band called Information Society, a synth-pop band from the ’80s.

The game starts off with a couple, Maya and Devin, talking on the phone. I can relate because I used to do the same thing with my wife, then girlfriend.

Suddenly, the power goes out and Maya’s call gets disconnected, so she decides to go and call Devin on a payphone. Immediately she notices a huge fire in various parts of the city, which was the cause of the blackout. Maya traverses the different buildings and streets to find a way to get to Devin and let him know she’s ok so he doesn’t worry.

Another In The Fire

Fire Tonight allows you to turn the camera 360°, so you can see every corner of the area. It’s one of the unique traits of the game, and it was helpful in finding where to go but it can get tricky because you can miss an item. So be careful and check every corner if your stuck. It’s a pretty straightforward game, so as long as you keep an eye open for what you need to collect, you can finish the game rather quickly.

Maya has the ability to use her headphones that changes the sound of the game so you can get past certain fiery areas. This is useful since the flames will block your progress, but listening to the music allows you to pass through a few of them. Don’t worry if you run out of battery, just check any trashcan and there’s an unlimited supply.

The music in the game matched the city as well, so I felt like I was in that city at night since I also played it late at night myself. I think that’s the best time to play this game. It’s very

What I also enjoyed was that the game will switch back to Devin, a typical clueless guy. He’s worried about Maya, but hesitant to leave his apartment in case she shows up. Maya is a strong female lead while Devin isn’t always sure on what to do, but he at least tries to help out and make Maya happy. Seeing how they cared for each other, yet made jokes about their situation was fun to see. It made them relatable and not too serious.

The times you play as Devin is only point and click, so you pass through his sections rather quickly.

Devin is trying to make some food for Maya

One section of the game switches up the dynamics by having Maya skate through traffic. If you touch a car then you have to restart the section, but it was pretty fun and a nice change to the pace.

I would have liked the game to be a little more difficult, so I could spend more time getting through the city. The colors and retro cameos like the ones in Devin’s apartment or the style of clothing Maya wears were nice and reminded me of the era. It’s a world that I would have liked to see more of, sadly it wasn’t that long of a game.

If your looking for a short puzzle game to get through, Fire Tonight won’t disappoint!

Gaming & God gives this game:

🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮 out of 10 🎮

You can purchase Fire Tonight on Steam and other platforms.

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