Bible Studies For Gamers (And Non-Gamers) Online

Since I’ve used the internet I have interacted with online communities whether it was way back in the day with chat rooms, forums or email. The one that I feel I connect the most to has been Discord. I recommend several of them that I myself am a part of or am familiar enough to know they are a safe place to chat in. One event that I noticed is natural to come up in faith-based communities is the desire to either start a bible study or some other form of discussion regarding the topic of belief. I joined several of them to connect with other believers and fellow gamers even though I am part of a church, it’s a rather large one and I don’t have that daily interaction that I can get with a Discord group.

I even help lead one of them over at Beneath The Tangles, the largest Christian anime blog where I am also on staff. It’s been a blessing to discuss the scriptures, pray for others, and go over questions that people have about faith or topics they don’t understand in the bible. Some of these bible studies are more interactive where they would want you to talk and be part of the conversation, others are larger like the one at BtT where you don’t have to say a word. Instead, you could type out your thoughts or just stay on mute and listen.

Since I had never found a post or some of other list that put together some of these online studies that were happening weekly, I decided to make my own and hopefully lead a few people to them that are looking for one.

Whether your an introvert or an extrovert (I’m in the middle), everyone desires to be in some kind of group or community where we can talk about what we like and express our ideas and doubts. Below I am going to list out a few of the bible studies that I have found to be helpful to myself and to others, so check them out or leave me a message in the comments or via email if your unsure. Again, you don’t have to show your face if you aren’t comfortable, and if you are a teen or younger, I would speak to your parents first before you join any group.

Beneath The Tangles Bible Study

  • Sunday @ 7pm EST (Eastern)
  • Message myself or any of the admins in the channel. This is a newer group so time/day may change, but has been steady as of this writing.

God Mode Activated Bible Studies

  • Thursday @ 9pm EST (Eastern)
  • This one is also streamed on Twitch, and has been going on for quite a while so the time/day may be consistent. Again, I would reach out to any admins or Pastor Doostyn to see about the details.
  • There are other smaller groups but I would ask about them since they do change.

Mighty Grace Positive Gaming

  • Wednesdays @ 9pm EST (Eastern)
  • *Currently this one is on pause until September 2021, possibly longer.*
  • I would reach out to the admins or check the “event alerts” or #announcement channel. The hosts are a married couple and they are wonderful people, very kind, and have an international group that meets frequently.

God Squad Church

  • Experience Groups are small groups (up to 12 people) that meet weekly to go deeper in relationship with God and one another. Meetings last roughly 90 minutes and consist of fellowship, prayer, loving accountability, and an environment where we discover truth from God’s Word together.

*This is not an exhaustive list so if you find one that isn’t on here, please let me know so I can add it. Also, for some of them I did not put the time or day of when they get together because that can change. It’s better if you join the discord and ask the admins what are the details, or see if there’s a #announcement or #event channel that will have that information. Let me know how I can help in anyway!*

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