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If you have not already checked it out, I recommend browsing through the Christian Gamer Resource page. I have compiled several websites, books, communities, articles, videos and more to help see what’s out there in the Christian geek/gamer community. It’s not just about video games, but there’s a lot of content out there and most of it isn’t well known.

Discord Channels is what I want to highlight briefly here, and give a little break down of the ones I’ve posted. Each one is different, but in general you will find lots of fellow gamers who love God, or want to know more about Him. I can say from experience, I have yet to see any cussing, sexual images, or anything immoral on these chats. It can happen, of course, but I guarantee you will not find the same kind of vulgarity that is often on a lot of gamer communities.

  • Christ Centered Gamers – This Discord chat has it all! They are a Christian based review website that is kept up to date with lots of content. What’s nice about their Discord is they have lots of voice chats for different games so you can group up and chat. It’s not very big, so it’s small enough that you can get to know others.
  • GamerFaith – What I love about this Discord is how many topics they have! To me, that’s what shows time has been put into making a great community. This one doesn’t have many voice chats, but they make up for that with all the activity in each channel. Don’t get overwhelmed, go one conversation at a time and start chatting away, I am sure you will find lots of amazing people here with similar interests 🙂
  • Mighty Grace Positive Gaming – The owner of this Discord is a very nice Christian lady named Karen, who does a live Twitch stream often. The channel isn’t super active, but for those interested in Twitch and Let’s Plays, this is a great place for you!
  • Christian Anime Alliance (CAA) – I saved this one for last since it is anime related. They do discuss video games here and the topics vary from Japanese, Anime and manga, Tech, prayer, theology and more. If you enjoy watching anime or just want to talk to others  about Christian topics, then you will really like this one. Again, very nice people here and nothing vulgar.

There you have it! If I find other Discord channels or one of these disappears, I will update this page when I can. Or you can just let me know in the comment section if you found one you would like added! I am here to help and support other gamers and Christians who may be unfamiliar with this sub-genre. God bless, and see you on Discord!

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