Games Christians Should Play – FIVE: Guardians of David

I recently posted on doing a new column for this blog. I wanted to create a resource for Christians to find games that are entertaining, great quality and have a biblical perspective. Not all of them are going to be “Christian” games, as in made by Christians for Christians. I think that’s being close-minded, completely ignoring every other game, which is pretty much majority of them all! I am a follower of Christ, but I’m also a gamer. So the games that I do chose will be ones that I felt do not go against biblical values, child friendly, and has little to none of


My first game I want to list is FIVE: Guardians of David. I had the pleasure of writing their review on Geeks Under Grace, and I was surprised as to how interesting it a game it is. The graphics are well done, as are the voice overs. You play as the five guardians of King David of Israel, going about fighting different enemies that want to invade God’s land and people. It is full of bible verses that read what is happening in the game as you go along. So the player is literally going through various chapters of the bible, so it actually helps you learn more about biblical history as well.

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The action is great, and not cheesy as you would imagine a game based on the bible would be. In fact, the developers were trying to portray how the bible described those battles. There are also comic book styled  scenes that continue the story, similar to how the Action Bible looks.

What I did not enjoy too much about the game was that it didn’t have a lot of depth when it came to fights. Each of the five characters you play as have different weapons and special moves, but that’s it. You can upgrade your armor and weapons, but it becomes tedious so I gave up trying to figure out who can wear what and just clicked the automatic assign button. Sounds and music were OK, but nothing spectacular. It is not perfect, but the fact that it exists and a group of people went ahead and brought this game to life will open doors to many others like it.

Why You Should Play This Game

When I review a game, I’m not writing just to Christians. This game is family friendly and has just enough action for the more mature audience to enjoy. There isn’t any blood or gore to worry about, but characters do die or get in dangerous situations. The game handles them well and is respectful to being a game even little ones can play, without worry.

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For parents, if you are concerned of the content, please see the trailer below for some gameplay. Overall, this game offers a real option to a biblical game. For those who enjoy games like Diablo, Baldur’s Gate or other top-down games then this will be up your alley.

The game is available for Steam as of this writing, which is platform on which games can be played on a PC/MAC. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s free so check it out as there are tons of games on it and there are constant sales going on for them. You can either use the mouse and keyboard or get a used XBOX 360 controller instead. I prefer the controller as it has the same feel as a console, and remembering what key does what can be frustrating at times.

I hope you will check this one out, and let me know what other games you think I should review or any feedback on this column. This is just the beginning, there’s more coming!

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    1. Hey there, thanks for commenting! I believe its a great game for anyone who shares biblcal values, any denomination or Catholic. Maybe I should word the titles better as I don’t want any Catholic family in Christ to feel like its not for them or something…hmm…I will see how I phrase it for next time.

      Anyways hope you check it out!

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