Preview: Hyrule Warriors – Age Of Calamity

If you have ever played Dynasty Warriors, you are aware that it practically created a new genre of gaming. It’s a fun style of gameplay where you play as various characters on one map, beating up hundreds and hundreds of enemies at once. I thought it would be overwhelming, but it’s a lot of fun. Legend of Zelda has an older game from the Wii U, Hyrule Warriors, that has been re-released on the Nintendo Switch with lots of updates. Hyrule Warriors – Age of Calamity adapts Dynasty Warriors gameplay with the world of LoZ, and it is amazing.

I played the demo recently, having neglected to get to it, and I am glad I gave it a chance. I haven’t enjoyed many of the Legend of Zelda games in the franchise, except for the first ones on NES and SNES. I’m decades behind, so this is one series I want to play more of. The graphics are fantastic, as is the music which comes from various titles of LoZ. It was pretty easy, even though it’s only the beginning of the game, but I would have liked the enemies to be more aggressive and challenging.

Zelda, Link and Impa.

Each character is very different in how they attack, movements, and how they can progress the mission. Link uses his sword, bombs, and bow with arrows to attack, Impa can make a sort of “ninja jutsu” and multiply herself while throwing attack charms, and Zelda can create various weapons from chains to exploding cubes. Normally it’s not that exciting switching between characters because they are so identical, but not with these three. There are plenty more characters you can play as later in the game, but the demo limits you to these. There’s also a world map where you can choose what battles you want to take on next, purchase upgrades like extra moves or hearts by exchanging enemy drops, or going back to previous areas to get experience.

I will be picking this one up soon as it’s nice game to relax to and not have to think too much with. Some games are perfect to just pick up for a while and not worry too much about a complicated story or confusing puzzles to solve, and Hyrule Warriors – Age of Calamity hits that spot very well. Go and grab a copy!

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