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This website is dedicated to bringing those that stumble upon it, several things. My first mission has always been to show that God, faith, the bible, and spirituality can be found through video games. As a follower of Christ, I will always be reflecting that image through His word. I am a fan of anime as well, though that doesn’t match the brand that I have here, I still will reblog what I wrote on other places.

I had an idea about making a column that I will do my best to post at least once a month or every two weeks, titled “Games Christians Should Play“. There are literally thousands upon thousands of games across various consoles and devices (PC, Mac, Android, Apple) that someone new to the sub-culture won’t know where to start. I am talking mainly about Christians, and I have had several people online and offline ask me about what games they should check out. There’s always the concern about too much violence, demonic imagery, cussing, sexual content or something else and that’s understandable. My stance is, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! Don’t quit on video games because you saw some bad ones, or the only games people mention are Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty…

To help remedy this issue, and also to direct people that they can see a review of, this column was made. So what exactly will it contain, you may be thinking? Well, since I don’t have a template or reference for it, I will be tweaking it here and there but generally it’s a review of a game of my choice. There are lots of unknown but great games that are either made for Christians by Christians, or aren’t at all but have great biblical perspectives. Just to name a few, there’s Kingdom HeartsThat Dragon Cancer, Final Fantasy X, Legend of Zelda, FIVE: Guardians of David and many more I’m still finding out about. 1449587821_BoxArt_FIVE_1000x1200

I have already written on most of these games, but what I hope it will look like is a short review, videos or images of the game, where to get it, and why I think Christians should check it out. Trust me, I will not be putting a game like Darksouls and try to come out with some crafty spiritual connection just because the game is popular. I want to review some games that I know a parent can buy or download for their child and they won’t feel convicted of the content. Unfortunately, many times Christians want to come up with some idea that “God told them it’s OK” to do certain things, that even Christ Himself (who is God by the way) said not to. So, if you want to argue scripture and God Himself, then go for it!

Keep an eye on Gaming and God for more information, and let me know what games you think should be included in the list! I am always looking for new games to check out. God bless 🙂

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