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If you’ve never heard of, and your a gamer, then you need to go there now!  Regardless if your really into music or not, this website helped me relive so many fantastic tunes that I’ve listened to throughout childhood.  Not only old school tunes but new ones too.  The classics are all represented:  Super Mario, Metroid, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Megaman, Chrono Trigger, and almost any game you’ve ever played. What the hardworking people at OCR do is create remixes of the original music of video games.  The rules are that it has to be a video game and it has to have the original sound of the track in it somehow.  Each submission is judged by veteran remixers and they either send the track back for revision or they accept it and it’s posted on the site!  Anyone can comment on the track and give suggestions and follow the track as it is developed.  It’s a very fun way to see a track go from beginning to approved.

If your into forums, check out theirs.  It’s a friendly place full of veteran (and I mean veteran) gamers that love gaming and music.  They are all very knowledgeable in their craft, or whatever else they are talking about.  You will find a place forwhatever you would like to chat about, and everyone is pretty talkative! Oh, and if the 2766 (as of this post) remixes aren’t enough for you…they have albums!  86 as of this post and more coming down the pipe.  These are all free and a great way to really scratch that itch from that popular game soundtrack that you love.  Most of the more famous games have been remixed viaalbums, but there’s always a gem that’s missing so keep a lookout! To close this post out, I wanted to leave you a few clickable images (click to go to the download page) of some of my favorite albums from OCR (  Be sure to support by downloading the music and sharing, or if you want to support financially you can as well.  They also have some great merch that you can buy 🙂n2210239078_67551

Whatever type of music your into, whether it’s:  classical, techno, jazz, heavy metal, rock, hip-hop, chip tunes (old school Nintendo type music) or any other genre I didn’t mention they have it for you.  My best suggestion is to go to the main site–>Click “Games”—>Then pick the letter the game starts with and look over the songs that are there for that game.  You will find some classics, and trust me, this is quality music.  Some of it might not be your style, but you will appreciate the work that was put into it.

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