Interview WIth Christian Streamer: Pastor Doostyn

Streaming is huge right now. It’s a fun way to game, chat with others, and even share the gospel of Christ with others while your online. For me, it’s nothing serious but I like broadcasting on my PS4 and I’m still figuring out the details with streaming on my desktop. I use Twitch Studio right now, but I am switching over to StreamLabs as I’ve heard it’s much better and organized. For those of you that haven’t jumped on the stream train, you might be watching it. I find it similar to how sports are watched, even though we aren’t “in the game”, it’s still exciting to chat with others and watch a game we might want to check out or share similar experiences in that game.

Recently I’ve been checking out a group of gamers called God Mode Activated, that consists of various Christian streamers who are sharing the gospel online. Mainly via Twitch or other platforms, but it’s wonderful to see more believers out there sharing the good news with gamers. Since streaming is so big right now, and not slowing down (why would we want it to?), I wanted to interview a few streamers to hear their thoughts of how it’s been going and how God has used them. Some dedicate many hours a week into Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Gaming or other places, so they have “boots on the ground” and are intentional about what they are doing.

Pastor Doostyn is someone who I have been following and I watch him stream now and then. I can’t say I have watched a lot, but I have enjoyed his bible reading, cool setup and humbleness towards his community. I wasn’t sure if he would reply, but he graciously gave up some of his time to do an interview and answer a few questions of mine. Below you can watch the entire video that he recorded, and at the end you can find all his links where you can watch as well.

Let me know if you have any questions for Pastor Doostyn, or what you thought of the interview. I want my readers to discover more positive environments online where they can feel safe, talk about video games, and be encouraged. I know you find all of that with Doostyn, so be sure to let him know Gaming & God sent you his way!


1:37 – How Did You Start Streaming?
3:44 – God Mode Activated (GMA)
7:07 – What Games Do You Stream?
8:49 – Best/Worst Stream Experiences
15:24 – Streaming Feedback
18:04 – Goals For The Stream
23:26 – Advice For Other Christian Streamers

Feel free to check out Doostyn on social media and on GMA (God Mode Activated)! Also check out other recommended streamers.






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