Illumination Poetry, My New Poetry Blog!

I have posted some of my poetry on this blog in the past, but I hesitated posting more because it didn’t fit on this blog. Since I have several of them, and am continuing to write them here and there, I had the idea to create a special little place for them. Something I’ve wanted to do is make new avenues for my content without it just being a mess of random posts without structure.

So I purchased the domain, added it to WordPress, got some really nice free images from Librestock and started adding every poem I have! Please be sure to check it out, and if you haven’t already, my first compilation of poetry can be purchased on Amazon via Kindle or Paperback. God bless!

Illumination Poetry



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  1. And I will not cry also, although you will expect me to. I was wiser too than you had expected for I knew all along you were mine

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