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As I continue to try new things with the blog, I want to see how else I could expand it’s reach to share Christ with gamers. One of those ways is experimenting with Instagram. I hesitated on making one just for the blog, as I wasn’t sure what I would even post. My personal Instagram is hardly updated, and I am not one to take a lot of pictures.

Beneath The Tangles, one of our partners and where I am on staff as well has a thriving gram presence and they are growing their anime community with it. It inspired me to try it, because what do I have to lose? Even if I don’t fully understand this social media platform, if it helps interact with gamers then I wanted to give it a try.

Right now, I am still playing around with the kind of content I want to add so expect some random gaming related posts. I am not an expert Instagram manager, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to share in the comments! For now, I will be putting up pics of:

  • Recent or past blog posts with their links.
  • Pics of my personal gaming collection like figures, games, books, and anything else I’ve gathered over the years!
  • Creating gaming screencaps with bible verses!
  • Screenshots of my gameplay on PS4 or PC.
  • Anything else I get inspired to try.

I hope you follow the blog to keep up to date. Below are a few recent images that are a taste of what I would like to do. Feel free to comment and let’s connect! Community makes gaming so much more fun, and I want to get to know you better and create good content that will encourage and entertain.

Follow us on Instagram!

Follow us on Instagram!

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When not conquering digital worlds in video games, he can be found reading, watching anime, listening to music writing, and just enjoying life as a geek in the city.

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