Gamer’s Journal: My Favorite Spotify Playlists While Gaming

When you are playing a video game, it interacts with some of your senses. Its not just something you watch, like TV, but you can touch the controller and feel certain moves via haptic, and you can listen to the sounds and music that are part of the game.

While I enjoy the background tunes of most games that I play, there are a few that I prefer to have my own playlists running instead. Some of these games would be Overwatch, Destiny 2, Need for Speed, Rocket League, Division 2, and a few others. In general, racing or FPS games.

Since I discovered Spotify a few years ago, I’m practically addicted. I was the guy who had a folder on my laptop or desktop, with thousands of downloaded MP3s of albums sorted into my own playlists on iTunes. Oh yeah, it goes down when it comes to the music I listen to.

I listen to a lot of different genres of music and I make sure what I am listening to is not full of cursing, violence, anger, sexual content, or other vulgarity. I keep it clean, but I also want to jam when I hit play.

Below I added four of my favorite playlists that I use almost everyday, especially the Workout and Lo-Fi mixes. Each one is very different. The EDM mix is for those who love dance, electronic, house and other EDM sub-genres. Some of the vocals are in English, others in Spanish or Portuguese, so you get a nice mix of culture in there!

My Lo-Fi mix actually has a few followers which is cool. I am always adding songs to that one since I discovered the style about a year ago. It’s also good for studying or just having something in the background playing.

The Workout and Reggaeton mix are my go-to for the gym, getting hyped up during a difficult spot in a game, or just having fun while driving. Again, these are a mix of languages, from English, Spanish, even Japanese! I hesitated the most to share those two since they are full of so many different artists and styles.

Hope you enjoy these, let me know which one you liked and share your own playlists if you have them! Or maybe the artists you like to listen to while your gaming.

Playlist Links:

EDM Playlist | Reggaeton/Musica Urbana Playlist | Lo-Fi Music | Workout Mix

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