Gaming & God Is Now A GMA Affiliate!

I’m pleased to announce that Gaming & God is now an affiliate with God Mode Activated ministries! If you are not sure who they are, you can check them out in our recommended communities page. They are a fantastic group of gamers who love Christ, have pastors on staff that do a podcast called Pastors After Dark where they answer biblical questions or other topics, their discord is full of events and active members and they are even starting discipleship groups (like a bible study).

So what does that mean, G&G being an affiliate? I applied for the role since their ministry to gamers is similar to my own, though they are focused more on streaming and discord. I’m on the blogging side of things, though I “dabble” in streaming, so I am actually their first, and so far, only blogger to join. This blog has always been a place to unite gamers in community, sharing resources, and helping Christians or non-believers what video games are about without trepidation. Joining with GMA, albeit a small capacity, helps us expand the blog and reach we already have. I don’t like to feel like a “lone wolf” doing my own thing in my little digital space, I would prefer to link controllers (arms?) with others and keep sharing the gospel to gamers.

I hope you can check them out, join their discord, and let them know Samuru helped you find them! Being part of a healthy community with Christ as their focus is important, as there are lots of communities but few combine their faith in God with gaming. Let me know what you thought of them, and if you know of other communities you would like to recommend please let me know.

Thank you again God Mode Activated for allowing me to join, I pray that God will do great things with your ministry.

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