Preview: Final Fantasy XIV (PC Trial)

It has been quite a while since I post anything! Nothing bad happened, but I have been pretty busy. Between getting ready for my son to be born, renovating some parts of our home, buying baby products, going back to work as a teacher now that summer is over, and getting a new desktop to replace my super slow one, I have had my hands full.

Gaming has not been on my radar much, because of everything, but I did get a chance to try out a few new games! My steam library has always been a bit of a mess, because I tend to get free games to “test” and see how they are, but since my computer wasn’t that good I hadn’t had the chance to play them. Well, quite a few of them I did not enjoy so I ended up deleting them. Mainly for their poor graphics, uninteresting gameplay, or it just wasn’t my type of game. I’m glad though, I prefer quality over quantity so I’m happy to remove them.

One game that I have been trying to play for a while was Final Fantasy XIV. I always avoided it because I know you have to pay a subscription, and I’m not one to pay for one. It’s expensive enough to buy games, now I have to pay monthly just for one in particular? I don’t even have PlayStation Now, a PS subscription service, why would I pay just for one game when I could have several of them for a similar price? Anyways, that’s just my opinion, I’m the “budget” guy in my home so I am always looking at where our money goes.

I heard that they had a trial version, but I thought it was like most demos where you play a little bit and it’s over. Nope, FFXIV let’s you play till you get to level 60 (they recently updated it from level 35), and they added new content.

New FFXIV Free Trial restrictions:
Play until level 60 instead of level 35.
Play all the quests up to Heavensward with patch 3.56
Access classes such as Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist
Play as an Au’Ra

I randomized the appearance of my character since I’m not one to fine-tune every detail of how he looks. I picked one that I liked, chose the Crystal server and started my journey to the city of Ul’Dah. It’s a huge desert city, one of several that you may start off in. The beginning is a tutorial of sorts, taking you to different parts of the city for fetch quests, meeting various characters, and just getting to know your surroundings. So far I have enjoyed just seeing all the areas they have, the short battles with small monsters, and getting accustomed to all the options the game offers.

The graphics are very nice, especially the city with it’s attention to detail. I would have liked voice-overs for the important dialogue that moves the story along, but it’s only present in the cut scenes which were very epic! I have no idea what happened, but it looked amazing. The music fits the mood of what is happening, and I will be checking out their soundtracks on Spotify. It really seems like they have ironed out issues and made sure the game gives you a good first impression.

There is tons to do in this game, and many people play it as the city was full of other players. This is not one of those games where nobody plays it anymore, Final Fantasy XIV is alive and well, and I will continue to play it as long as the trial allows! I’m not convinced to buy it and pay a monthly fee, but so far it’s been an enjoyable experience.

Try the trial of Final Fantasy XIV on Steam

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3 thoughts on “Preview: Final Fantasy XIV (PC Trial)

    1. Cool haha. Its a fun game, I am enjoying it so far. What race did you make and what world are you in? I am still really low level, Mi’quote I think its spelled….

      1. Im playing on lousioux server as a Dragoon at this moment, finished the whole heavensward story line and working on the filler quests until next expansion story. My character is a level 56 dragoon at the moment. Feel free to add me, if thats possible, my in game name is Aluna Nl

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