First Impression: Nintendo Switch

I am a few years behind and haven’t written much about Nintendo, but I am finally going to catch up somewhat. It was financially feasible to purchase a Nintendo Switch this year, and a few games to get me warmed up.

I have to admit, when it first arrived, I had trouble figuring out how to connect it. Thankfully it was easier than the Wii to put together (I never owned one, but have installed it), but the controller was the trickiest hardware to get to work. I am a little clumsy when it comes to putting pieces together, so I knew this would take me a few more minutes than the average person!

There are so many franchises I have been wanting to play, but since Nintendo plays it smart and keeps its main series to themselves, I had to wait. I purchased Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, along with Tales of Vesperia (which I am holding off on while I play the other two). So far, I am very impressed with how well the controller works, the ease of use when you take the Switch from its dock, and the graphics.

I believe I will always be a loyal Playstation fan, but the Switch has my attention as well. I have a lot more games to play, hours to put in so I can fully experience it, but I am enjoying it so far.

I hope to write some reviews on the games I own in the near future, and also lessons that I pray the Holy Spirit will show me as I play.


Do you own a Switch? What games do you recommend? Which are your favorites, or least favorites? I would love to know my reader’s opinions on the console. God bless 🙂

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