Extra Life 2017 – Video Games Helping Children

This year, I decided to participate properly in Extra Life, which is a website that collects donations every year to help children’s hospitals. They specifically target gamers by asking them to stream video games and plug their donation page link. Some gamers even do 24 hour live streams, which is pretty difficult to accomplish. I have never tried, nor am I going to this year.

I partnered up with Christian Geek Central, which is run by fellow gamer/geek Paeter. He’s a great guy that I’ve been following for years, have communicated with a few times, and am just a fan of his work. He’s one of the first pioneer’s (if not THE first) to delve deep into Christian geek content. From his blogs, Youtube videos, streams, podcast and more, he has paved much of the way for others like myself to build a platform. I wanted to be part of a group that has done this already with success, so he seemed like the perfect fit.

Never in my life have I asked for donations, as it’s not my thing. I prefer to go out there and make the money myself, working hard, and putting in the time and sweat! Christians tend to have a beggers mentality, where instead of wanting to work they prefer to collect donations for everything that happens in their life. I have never thought that way, so if you do not wish to donate that is OK! No hard feelings, nor any pressure from me to give.

If you do have a heart for these kinds of projects like giving to children’s hospitals, then this would be a great way to give back as gamers and geeks alike. I wish there were more of these kinds of websites that did similar endeavors, but it’s a great start for now.

So if do plan on giving a dollar or more, I truly appreciate it. I do not receive a penny of this money as it all goes straight to Extra Life. In fact, all I ever get is an email saying “Person X donated $100! Tell them thank you!” and that’s it.

God bless, and let’s see how it goes! Christian Geek Central is running this campaign till November 5th, but my Extra Life page will stay active after that so if your reading this at a later date, click it anyways 🙂  Have a wonderful day.

Click here to donate!

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