Best Retro Games That Still Hold Up

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Top 5 Retro Games That Are Still Super Popular

Believe or not, retro games are still popular. They can be found in every part of the world and they are still desirable to play. But, some games are long forgotten and they will never come back. Here we will be focused on popular retro games that are not forgotten. The chances are high that you play or have been playing one of them right now.

#5 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island


The absolute winner here is Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. This game was so popular back in 1995 when it was released that it made a huge shock on the market. You were able to enjoy pastel graphics, countless possibilities, and even better missions. Some say that the game was very popular in 2015 as well. All we know is that the game is a real pleasure to play. The soundtrack of the game is probably one of the best elements of the game and the main one to take into consideration.

#4 Sonic the Hedgehog 2


This game is probably the best selling game of the decade and it was and it still is extremely popular. It is believed that the game was revolutionary when it was released. Players enjoyed the fast actions, the possibilities in the game and the simple, yet adorable graphics. Sonic was the hero of the year and was present in the lives of many kids and even teenagers back then. If you haven’t tried the game, now is the right time to do so.

#3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time


The game is a part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise that was very popular in the 90s. The game we are mentioning here was released back in 1991. Back then, it was one of the most popular games on the market. A good thing is that it is still a desirable game to play every now and then. It has simple graphics which was considered a huge advance back in the 90s and it supports 4 players.

#2 Earthworm Jim


It isn’t strange that this game is on our list. It was released back in the 90s and it was hugely appreciated for the impressive soundtrack, even better graphics and the fact animations were based on cartoons. Back then we were blessed with a cartoon and a comic book all based on this game. The creator of the game was Doug TenNapel and designer David Perry.

#1 Zombies Ate My Neighbors


This one was released in 1993 and is treated as the main game which is responsible for the development of the gameplay we have today. Reasons are simple and there are a few of them. First of all, the game is based on 16 bit which meant fast gameplay back in a day. Then we have demon babies and squid men to kill. It was simply different than any other game that was available back then. And yes, a dual player mode where players were able to cooperate was supported as well.

How To Find And Play Retro Games

It is a very appealing choice for people who want to re-play some games they played almost 30 years ago. They are also a good choice for players who want to see how the games looked in the 90s and what made them so special.

The best way to purchase and play these games is either by getting an NES or SNES classic. If they aren’t available at your local store like Gamestop or Walmart, try Amazon. The other option is downloading them via the Virtual Console on the various Nintendo consoles: Wii, Wii U or 3DS. The Switch doesn’t have one as of this writing but there is news that they are bringing a subscription service that includes classic games.

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